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New Consultant Needing New Tips

Jul 15, 2005
Hello everyone! I love this site!!

I have my 1st show scheduled for this Monday and I am a bit nervous to say the least. I am really excited about this biz but not very experienced in cooking, if you know what I mean. I grew up on grilled cheese and campbells soup! Well, seeing that shows should include good kitchen tips to share that buts me in a bind. Does anyone have any quick tips that I could use? I would really appreciate it! :D


Look in your Recipe for Success

There is a list of "Cook's Tips" in the Recipe for Success. I can't get up and look because my baby is sleeping in my lap, but I think they're in the section on presenting kitchen shows. Just try to memorize 2 or 3, once you have those mastered, learn a few more!

You'll be great! I know my first month's "pregame warmup" was to watch the Your First Kitchen Show video. It really helped to settle my nerves each time.



Novice Member
Jul 15, 2005
Congrats on your up coming show

I agree with the recipes. You don't need to be the master of them all find a few you like and can complete in a certain amount of time and use them until your really comfortable and then add new ones everynow and then. Before you know it you will be a pro. ;)

Just remember to relax. If you make mistakes most times you are the only one who will know. Thank your guest for coming and express to them that this is one of your first shows so if they could bear with you a bit that would be great. Most people will be impressed with your honesty and the show will turn out to be great. Remember if a mistake happens, laugh at yourself a bit. Often times if you laugh at something others will find it funny and it will break the ice.

Your show is going to be so much fun you are going to be amazed. Let us know how it goes.

Good Luck.

Christol :)


Jul 23, 2005
Tips Jar

Hi! One idea I recently got is to fill an empty jar with as many tips as you can find - search google for "cooks tips" and you'll find tons if you don't have any already. Then if you can't think of anything to say, pull one out and read it. Or another idea is to put one guest in charge of the jar - if you are in the middle of chopping, etc. ask them to pull one out. That way you will always have plenty of tips on hand but you won't have to remember them all. Plus since you probably won't get thru all of them at any one show, even if you have repeat customers, they won't hear the same tips over and over.

Good luck!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Give tips about the products as you are using them in your demo. Recipe for success does have some great tips and its a good idea to learn as much as you can from that about the products you are talking about. Here is another document with some more tips you can use.


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