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New Chefs hat logo

Feb 6, 2006
Does anyone know where I can get the chefs hat pic? I know that I can get the logo hat with "discover the chef in you" under it, but I just want the hat, like what is on the boxes when you receive an order. Even something that looks like the 25th anniversary logo would work. Thanks :)


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Chef's Hat Restriction

Straight from Consultant's Corner:https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/public_comm/recipe_success_ad_guidelines.html#chefhat

"Chef’s Hat Icon Restrictions:
You may not use the chef’s hat icon by itself in any format in any way other than on pre-approved materials you purchase from our licensed merchandise vendors or downloaded from Consultant’s Corner (for example, promotional flyers). Because we want this image and the tagline to become a symbol of what The Pampered Chef® stands for, we must carefully control its use. If you have the chef’s hat icon on your Personal Web Site, use it in e-mail, on flyers or anything else you produce, you must remove it."

Same thing goes for the tagline "Discover the Chef in You" (although I know I have broken that rule on the "Going, Going, Gone" discontinued items flyer...oops).