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New and Need Christmas Show ideas!


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Sep 7, 2005
Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, recipes, games etc to do in Dec. two hosts want a holiday theme and I don't know of any or have not done any yet! Help!
Oct 2, 2005
Holiday ideas

I actually got on to see if I could find any holiday-theme ideas too. This is my first Christmas for doing shows, so my few ideas are not tested! I am planning to do a cookie swap with one show. My host is going to ask her guests to bring 6 baggies with 6 cookies each, & each guest will leave with 6 baggies of different kinds of cookies. I'm planning to demo a cookie recipe myself or possibly some easy fudge, & also some savory appetizer or casual get-together type food. Haven't decided that yet! I am planning to borrow a friend's Celebrate cookbook to get holiday recipes. Make sure you emphasize shopping for gifts to your guests!! There is a game posted somewhere on here about having the guests close their eyes & drawing a snowman, & then they get points for how they do & the winner gets a prize. You could change that to draw a Christmas tree or some other holiday picture. Snowmen are appropriate too, I'm sure! If I find anymore ideas, I'll be sure to come back & post them.


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Apr 12, 2005
Holiday shows

Here is a lesson I put together for the cluster meeting. I hope this helps. There are two holiday games on it. The gift ideas I found here. I hope these help you. Think about doing a hands on cookie swap. set up a few stations of easy recipes or ideas (green rice krispies in a bread tube then cut the center out and make wreaths with red hots and string licorice, Tuxedo Brownie cups, let the guests fill and put on toppings) Use your cut and seal to make your pizza into wreaths. Just a few ideas.


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May 6, 2005
The cool Christmas wreath you can do out of the Parmesan Rosemary Pinwheels from the f/w 2004 season's best was nice and could be a neat touch. It's really helpful to have the picture of it I think. Unfortunately we can no longer search the Season's Bests back that far, which is a bummer! Maybe someone from your hospitality cluster would have an extra one. If not, let me know and if I can scrounge one up I'll send it to you. It's a yummy appetizer and looks great in the wreath shape~!