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Pampered Chef: Sales Need help woth 2 areas-website promoting and flyer idea for promoting gift register

  1. cbord

    cbord Member

    I am a new consultant. I have already done my website. One hostess as gotten 3 orders from it in 2 days and loves it. My question is how to ya'll promote your website. I have add a link in my email signauture and made the following label to put at bottom on pastcard invitations.
    "Online ordering for this show available at (website address).
    RSVP with consultant and get free gift with yoru order (phone #).

    I also put my return address labbels on all the invitations so that I would know if a hostess' invitation didn't reach the guest. Then I would let hostess know, so she could call guest.

    Now big question??? My friend and neighbor owns a bakery. I have been getting her customers for years. She said she would give all her brides to be a PC flyer for me. I would like to deisgn a trifold flyer containing infomation about the bridal register and gift certificates. I will include bridal shower informarion at a later time. Does any have such a flyer? I looked on other forum without any luck.

    Jul 17, 2005
  2. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    There is a trifold flyer on this website but its not for bridal shows. You could maybe use that format and put in your own information about bridal shows in it.
    Jul 17, 2005
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