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My first show.....


Mar 2, 2006
My first show is on Sunday, I don't know how well I am prepared but I'm doing it no matter what. So far there are about 12 people coming and my host is wonderful. She got me 2 bookings already! I Really hope it goes well. I am making the garlic ranch pizza, and profiterole (spelling) Puffs. I am making the puffs a head of time. I have 14 lap boards ready to go, but I can't find any more binders to make more with! So let's hope there is enough.
My SS Month one is booking up pretty fast. I have 6 shows and 3 pending. I really hope I like this becuase there is no backing out now! My first show jitters are a little over whelming. I found myself drooling over my notebook today just out of fear that someone would ask something that I didn't know. I will pray for sanity, and hope that you all will leave some words of the wise and TIPS!!!!

Thanks for hearing,


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Mar 1, 2006
I said this on another thread as well, but the best advice I can give (mind you I've only done one show so far) is to encourage your guests to speak up throughout your demo anytime they have comments or questions. It keeps the atmosphere informal, which did wonders for my nerves. And don't be afraid to tell them you don't know the answer to a question. Most people will be very understanding and forgiving as long as you're honest and then make every effort to find the answer they're looking for. Don't be afraid to refer to your paperwork or Recipe For Success, or to ask another guest if there's someone there that has a lot of PC already. I had two former consultants in the crowd, and I took full advantage of those resources!!

Good luck!


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Feb 19, 2006
Relax.......this is the most fun you will ever have "working"!! After three years of fun, there are still questions that stump me! I always say...I am not sure but I will find out and get back to you!! I then ask them to make a small note about it on their drawing slip so I can get back to them with an answer.

Best of luck and have a wonderful show!
~Erin Smith
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Have fun!

It looks like you're off to a great start! The most important thing is to have fun. :D If people are enjoying themselves the show will be a success. What an awesome hostess to already get you 2 bookings!

One thing I did in my superstarter months is put an outline on notecards so I remembered things like thank the hostess, talk about stoneware and cookware, explain receipt etc. If I was doing a new recipe I also asked for a volunteer to be my reader. I would get everything set up before hand but then as I was doing the demo I would have them prompt me for the next step. I would then give my assistant the Seasons Best book as a thank you.

Having everyone share their favorites is a great thing to do as well. Getting those personal recommendations on products is even better than you talking about how great they are!

Have a great time and if something doesn't go as you hope remember...you're the Pamperd Chef, not the Perfect Chef! You'll find shows get easier as you go along.
Feb 14, 2006
Emma, I am new as well, but the thing that's helped me the most is to practice. I practice on my son and our dogs! :) It helps to calm my nerves helps me figure out what sounds good. My first show was actually a practice show too. We had really bad weather an no one showed up! It was actually a blessing in disguise because I was able to practice in a real show setting with my host and recruiter right there. I know that may not be possible for you to do, but it sure helped me! Now I have a really interesting show tonight. My recruiter's son is in the hospital so I am doing her show for her! There will be 15-20 people there and I am a nervous wreck! I am honestly thinking of having a glass of wine before I go! I just get too wired and I'm thinking that might mellow me out a little. Not something I would recommend for everyone, but I think I am going to need it for that many people...my director will be there too, but I think that might actually make me a little more nervous.

Goodluck to you! I'm sure it will be wonderful!