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Might be a dumb question


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Jul 23, 2005
Ok, so this might sound dumb, but does anybody ever have a show were they don't do a demo recipe? My girlfriend has had a couple of shows in the past and she says she perfers the shows with only products set up a consultant explains products and answers questions. She just wants me to do veggies and PC dips, sounds pretty easy to me!!!
Sep 11, 2005
No dumb questions!

Hi -- It's not a dumb question at all! I offer "Express Shows" which are shows with no recipe demo. I prepare a recipe before the show and have it ready or in the oven, then talk about products. I encourage this type of show the first month of each new season because it allows time to talk about all the new products. There is never a recipe that uses them all, and trying to do a recipe demo plus all the new things is too long.

I also often do these shows for groups who have been to many shows. It allows me to bring and show products I often don't show. For example, I recently did one with a group who have been to many shows and they wanted chocolate and like to bake. I did the new Molten Skillet Brownie when I first got there, and brought mainly baking products that I don't usually have with me: Springform Pan, Set of 3 Cake Pans, Stoneware Fluted Pan and Muffin Pan, etc. They loved it! It was shorter than a typical show, and at the end I told them briefly how I had made the Brownie and took it out of the oven.

~~ Jill


Jul 12, 2005
Express shows are great! I like to bring a bag of potatoes with me, and do a potato demo with some of the products. There is just no better way to show how fast you can slice with the US&G without showing them! I can use the potato with the Cheese Grater, Utility Knife, Food Chopper, Zester/Scorer, Corer, A/P/S/C, just to name a few! You can use the potato while talking about the product, and they can see the results!


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May 18, 2005
Awesome demo idea

There's an awesome potato demo file on this site in the pcfiles, called potato_demo.doc. It showcases a bunch of products. Check it out!



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Apr 12, 2005
I have done 2 shows with no demos. The 1st I made the PC dips and 3 variations of the beer bread. I did talk about the products I used to make the foods and a few other products. Then we played 3 games and ended the show with an auction. The 2nd show I did was an ice cream social so agian I talked about the products and we played 3 games and I ended with an auction. This one had a hands on demo table. One of the games I used is the riddle cards(posted in the files section) It's fun and gets them hands on in the catalog looking at the products.

I hope this helps.;)