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Meeting Openers


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Apr 14, 2004
One of my favorites is name/something positive that happened this month for your business....or why you started Pampered Chef.....Kathy Young

One month we asked everyone to tell us what they do in their full time job
(current or previous) and we wrote their answers down on a flip chart. It
was so interesting to see what our teammates can do -- we had teachers,
flight attendants, a geologist, high-level corporate America jobs,
paralegals, it was great. Then we did a segment on recruiting and not
assuming that someone would say no because they have a high-powered job. It was very interesting!!! Gail Shendelman

We open our meeting with a " who Am I ?" We do 2 of these at every
cluster meeting, what it is , and I will attach the sheet. Is a breif survey
that everyone has filled out and as new team members join they also fill one
out, all about themselves.
It's just a fun way of learning about each other, and then we try to guess
who it might be while one of the Director's is reading it. It only takes a
few minutes, and everyone seems to like it. I usually pick a seasoned
consultant and a newer one so everyone feels included. Melissa Zuhlke