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Maximizing Success: Planning Your First Show with Expert Tips and Tricks!

In summary, Zoe booked her first show and is preparing to make a dessert theme with a game to end the show.
I finally booked my first show! :D :D Hooray! I am very excited, the guy who booked has a lot of friends- none of whom I know! I am excited to get out there and meet new people to sell to- friends and family are gonna run low real fast!

He picked a dessert theme, he wanted to prepare pumpkin cheesecake bars to have out when I get there (in his stoneware pan, of course!) and then I will make the Banana Toffee Pizza and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake in the Microwave. I also want to do a game--maybe the Left, Right Game?

I would love any input from you more "seasoned" consultants on planning the show out. Here is what I am thinking:

1) Set up show, pre-prep half of the ingredients? Bake the crust for the pizza?- Or should I do this while everyone is watching? :confused:

2) Greet everyone, hand out nametags and catalogues, get everyone seated

3) Introduce myself, thanks the host, give overview of catalogue/order form, talk about what I am going to make

4) Make cake (if crust was made earlier)

4) Make crust (if I wait to do this until the show starts)

5) Put toppings on pizza--

6) Pass tools and veggies around for people to try out

7) Unmold cake

8) Play Left and Right Game

9) Everyone tries dishes, go around and chat with people while they look over their order forms

10) Close show, Thank yous and fill out orders, talk with potential hosts/recruits

How does this sound? Am I making things too/not enough complicated?

Really- ANY input would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much!
Hi Zoe,
Congrats on scheduling your first show!! That's exciting. I would definitely make the crust first. That's not that important in your demo, so having it ready to go is nice because it saves time. I know my problem early on (and I still make an effort at this) was that my demos were too long. I only do a 2nd recipe if the host is expecting at least 15 guests. You'd be amazed how much time it adds to a show unless it's an extremely quick recipe that you've pretty much done all the prep work for. If at all possible, I'd close out the show by thanking people, doing the drawing slips, putting in one last plug for bookings, explaining how orders come to the host and all those details, etc THEN have people eat. Once people start eating and mingling, it'll be hard to gather them back together to do your closing.

It sounds like a good outline!! When is the show?
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup CakeCongrats on your show. I would definitely try to keep it simple. I have tried to incorporate games in the past, and I find that people have a hard time focusing on both. In reading Doris Christopher's book I have come to find that the KISS principle is repeated over and over. She emphasizes keeping things simple, and focusing on the task at hand - it's a great book and an easy read.

As for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake, sounds delicious. Do you have the recipe?
Here's a tip that my director gave me and I always do it. If the crust is a cookie crust that is bake ahead, I just go ahead and bake it at home. Then before I leave the host's house, I just take the dough that they bought home with me for the next show. So far this has always worked out great and is one less thing I have to remember or worry about. Especially good when you are first starting out.
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Thanks!My show isn't until the 22nd, but I really want to be prepared. So you think I should just do the pizza? I really want to show off the stoneware because that is what got me interested in PC in the first place.

What if I played the game first while I made the cake? It could be a good way to get everybody feeling good and get rid of any uncomfortableness (I don't even know if that is a real word!)-- I even thought I might have the host make the cake to show everyone how easy it is? He is kind of a man's man and I thought it would be kinda funny and show how PC can help make ANYONE into a better cook.

As for the cake: you just make it like any other micro cake, just plop in a couple mini peanut butter cups and cook. After you turn it out onto the serving platter, you drizzle with warmed peanut butter and warm chocolate icing, and then sprinkle soem chopped nuts over it.
You have enought imeZoe, check with your host. See what he thinks of the game idea and go over your food plans with him. Get him involved and that will make your job easier than all that guessing. Plus, if the host is interested and excited, his sales will be higher and his guests usually will be interested too as he will have given them a heads up as to whats to come.
And definately KISS!! I always, always, always bake crusts ahead. It is just to much time waiting for 20 or 30 minutes for a crust to bake then to cool enough so you can put the toppings on. And I to NEVER do more than one recipe at a show anymore. If I need a second something, it gets made at home!
One thing that we all can probably agree on, if your show is more than 30 to 45 minutes, you'll bore them to death! They are more interested in two things:
1) eating
2) gabbing with everyone else.

If I am in that hosts house for more than three hours total, I have been there way to long. This includes set up time!

John W.
Independent Kitchen Conultant
I would make the cake before the guests arrive, and the crust for the pizza first also. I did the microwave cake last night before the show, and I sold three Fluted Pans! I make sure that I take time to talk about stoneware in full--I take about 10 minutes just to talk about stoneware, and I usually sell at least one piece to every guest.

For the fluted pan, I joke that it can obviously be used to make cakes, but talk about how I made the cake they were going to eat in the microwave. I talk about how it can be used for Monkey Bread, Parmesan Pull Apart Bread, as well as making Roaster Chickens by plopping the chicken on the center part, and putting the veggies at the bottom, letting the dripping from the chicken to season the veggies. I tell people just how versatile every piece of stoneware is. (I say more, but this is my fluted pan part :)) Just because they don't see the cake mix going into the pan, you can flip the cake onto a plate, and uncover it in front of the guests, letting them see you put the icing and nuts on the top (okay, now I'm craving cake...lol).

Your outline looks just fine! Don't forget to have the guests go around the room and introduce themselves. One of the best ways to learn about products is to ask each guest to name their favorite PC product, and why. Let them sell the products for you!! If they don't have any products, ask them what their favorite dessert is. When the intros are done, let them know what your favorite PC product is, and two of your favorite desserts are the ones you are making that night--the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake and the Banana Toffee Cake.

Have fun! It sounds like it's going to be a great show!!!!
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You're all probably rightI think I will probably stick to the pizza for now... If he wants to do the cake, then we can do it as an addition to the show.

Should I ditch the game then? Should I offer a booking incentive instead? I have been reading about John's idea with the $8 off the host special... should I offer something like that if I don't seem to be getting a response with the standard bit about all the incentives they get for being a host? How has your response been to the Nov/Dec host specials?

I really appreciate you all taking time to chat with me about this. I am so excited about PC and really want to make this work. I'll try and reel myself in a little bit! ;)
I'd stick with the game--it will add fun to your show, which is the best booking incentive you can offer! I don't usually offer booking incentives. If you talk up everything that your October guest will earn for free, that should be extremely convincing! (60% off host special, $100 in free product, 2 half price items, 25% off the rest of the catalog, free shipping, 10% off for the rest of the year, plus a free Celebration Plate with 15 orders, and a chance to win a $100 shopping spree, plus 60% off the host special of any show she attends! *phew!*) Let them know that if they book a show in November, they have FOUR choices to choose from, and just in time for entertaining over the holidays! Tell them if they book early in the month, and a friend books a show in November too, they can choose 2 host specials for 60% off! Talk about the Simple Additions, and how versatile and fun they are!

After you have the guests fill out the prize drawing slips, and they are sitting, eating, and looking through their catalog, take a moment to glance at the slips, and see where you stand with the yeses and maybes for having a show. If you'd like to see more interest in bookings, then when they are sitting down with you one-on-one to close their order, look them in the eye and let them know that you'd love to have a kitchen show for them, and that you are offering an incentive that if they book a show in November, you will give them ______ (whatever you can afford). Then ask them if that sounds like something they'd like to take advantage of.

Just my opinion!
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If I may comment? :)

I'm a new member (this is my first post) and am "thisclose" to signing. Last night I had a kitchen show (it was, no kidding, my 10th show in 5 years) and my consultant did a game where each guest got points for certain things. For example having buttons, son/daughter, having PC products at home etc. The "motherlode" question was worth 29 points: Ask her a question about her job. Every guest asked her a question. She was enthusiastic and genuine. Guests who hadn't planned on buying anything not only changed their minds but booked shows as well. It was fun and went over really well.

Perhaps some more experienced consultants know this game. It was a big hit.
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Sounds like fun!What did the guests do with their points?

Welcome to the board.. I am a newbie, too!
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The two guests with the highest & lowest accumulated points won door prizes, which were Seasons Best cookbooks. I should also mention that the guests who did not win all bought the SB cookbook.
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Here's the point game, which I think is pretty close to what you are referring to. It's a fun game, and your consultant probably changed the ending to make it more open to recruiting. Hope this helps! :)


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Yes! That is it!!!! :)


I'd forgotten about it ending with 50 for booking a show. :eek:
It worked.
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1. What can I expect at a Pampered Chef show?

At a Pampered Chef show, you can expect to see a product demonstration of our high-quality kitchen tools and cookware. Our consultant will walk you through simple and delicious recipes, offer tips and tricks, and answer any questions you may have about our products.

2. How long does a Pampered Chef show typically last?

On average, a Pampered Chef show lasts about 2 hours. However, the length may vary depending on the number of guests and the level of interaction during the event.

3. Do I have to purchase anything at a Pampered Chef show?

No, you are not obligated to purchase anything at a Pampered Chef show. However, our products are available for purchase if you are interested. Our consultant will provide you with a catalog and order forms for your convenience.

4. Can I host a Pampered Chef show at my home?

Absolutely! Hosting a Pampered Chef show at your home is a great way to gather friends and family for a fun and informative cooking experience. Our consultant will bring all the necessary tools and ingredients, and you can earn free and discounted products as a host.

5. Can I book a Pampered Chef show for a specific theme or occasion?

Yes, you can! Our consultant can customize the show to fit a specific theme or occasion, such as a holiday gathering or a bridal shower. Just let them know your preferences when you book the show.

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