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Making Mistakes: Learning from the Unknown

In summary, the host should have told the guest to post date the check. The guest may have told the host but the host should have made it a point to tell the guest. The host should deposit the check as soon as possible.
I have made such a big mistake today that I really feel bad about it. I had a show on saturday and when I got the money I went to the bank to deposit and today I reallise before sending the order that one of the check bounce, without tinking I called the host since I didn't meet the person. So that we can figure out something. I guess we misunderstood each oder, but the host never told me that I had to held the check for couples of days, since it was dated for the date of the show. I probably should called the guest myself, but I tought about it after I made the call. Now the guest is upset at my host and I personnaly feel bad about it. Is any of you and a situation like that before? They say we learn from our mistake, I will never do that one again.
From what you are saying- the host didn't tell you to hold the check and since it wasn't post dated how would you know? Doesn't seem like you made a mistake to me. All you can do is to offer a sincere apology for the misunderstanding to the host and guest and go on from there.
Post dated checksYeah, it does not sound like it is your fault since the guest didn't actually post date the check. The host should have made it a point to tell you - it sounds like the guest told the host but maybe the host forgot to tell you? Anyway, I agree with DebPC, all you can do is offer an apology - misunderstandings do happen.
I have had to deal with post dated checks too (as I'm sure many of you have as well!). My host for my very first catalog show told her guests that they could all post date their checks - which I never said! It caused me to have to close the show later than we had wanted to. Anyway, so now the first thing I do when someone writes me a check is confirm the date AND the amount. If there is one that is post dated, I will usually honor it as long as it isn't for a ridiculous amount that my account can't cover. But so far guests that have written post dated checks have all asked permission first (except the one show :rolleyes: !!) This actually brings up a good question - how does everyone else deal with the post dated check issue?
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post dated checksI usually try not to allow any one post dating because to me it gets a little confusing. But sometimes you have to allow it because the guest can't help it. I did come up with a solution though. I have the guest post date the check but instead of making it payable to me she makes it payable to the host. Then my host will write a check off of her account for that show night. Of course talk to your host first to see if she can do it. Hope that makes some sense. But that's what I do.

If the host can't cover it, then I usually see if the guest can pay another way. If not then I will accept the posted check as long as I can cover it. That way it does not interfere with closing the show on time.

I used to be a teacher, so when I hosted a show with a bunch of teachers on the 11th, I let them all post date to the 15th if they needed to. They appreciated that I was so understanding! And I wanted the sales, of course. I have taken one other post dated check, because someone said she couldn't buy the item otherwise. All checks have cleared so far, knock on wood! I would be furious, though, if a host told the guests they could post date without asking me first!

Another thing I try to do is deposit checks as fast as I can, to give them the chance to clear before the stuff arrives and gets delivered.
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how long to wait?That post dated check I did figure it out, I think I will call all the guest that I did not meet the day of the show to check with them to deposite the money, I also like the idea of making the check payable to the host and then get a cheque from her. but I was wondering how long should I wait to deposit the money, since I personaly know that I hate when I make one and it doesn't go thru within the next few days so I expected that it was the same for everyone, if the cheque is date for the first would you go to the bank the next day even the same day if the bank was on your way home from the show so that you don't have to carry all this money on you and have the chance that someone will still it?
Money IssuesAfter being burned 2 too many times (I'm too nice). I have a strict policy! If it is an outside order they have to pay by credit or debit card, if they want/need to write a check they MUST write it out to the host. She, the host, then pays me with a debit or credit card. People at the show can pay with a check--I still allow this because I have met them and built somewhat of a relationship. After attending the show and meeting you personally they are less likely to write you a bad check.

I typically go to the bank the day after a show unless it is a Friday or Saturday show then Monday.
I always have the host write me one check for it all, when we close. I do not send the order in until I have put her check in the bank. So if she asks me not to deposit it until a certain date (so she can collect all checks) I do not put the order into PP. So far, in the 7 years i have been in PC, have I had a check bounce! knock on wood! ;)
I have yet(knock on wood) to have a check bounce but I have had two calls from home office saying that the credit cards haven't gone through! One of the ladies (whose cc didn't go through) ordered the Gen 2 cookware set plus the chillzanne platter and food chopper! I called the lady and she said for me to have them try again that she probably withdrew her limit for the day. Sure enough, I called and it went through! I was embarassed but the customer didn't care!
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ChecksI personally do not agree with the idea of having the guests write checks to the host and then she can write one big check to the consultant. We are the ones in a business. We are out there every day depending on our hosts to bring us a clientele. They are gracious enough to invite us into their homes and to allow us to share our product, hopefully making sales, thus furthering OUR BUSINESS. True, the host does get benefits for hosting a show, but I consider that a thank you... not that she wishes to go into business with me. To me, asking her to collect money for OUR business, do OUR banking (in a way, that's what she is doing by totaling everyones checks and writing out her own) and then she has to take delivery on our sales and deliver them... it's over the top.

I realize I may get burned, but it's my business, my banking. If I am ever doing a show that I don't feel comfortable accepting checks, then perhaps I will make it a cash or credit card only party... I don't know - haven't been there yet. Many of these hosts do not know us THAT well. I can't see asking her to invite us into her home, then oh yeah... please write me a $600 check for the orders tonight... Seems tacky. I don't know of any other professional business run that way. Perhaps other home-to-home sellers do it as well, but it just does not seem professional to me. Sure, we might get burned from time to time, but that's business and there are risks in business.

I do realize that I am in the minority in that.
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I read somewhere, probably on here, this little piece of advice. I had never given it much thought until then, but I now have put it into practice. When guests make checks out to you, they are obviously for a much smaller amount than a check from your hostess for the entire show. If one check, from a guest should bounce, there is enough money in my account to cover it, and then I can contact the guest, discreetly, to settle it. Usually, they are just embarassed, and take care it right away, and no one else ever has to know. If a check from the host should bouce, (maybe she hasn't had time to get all those checks to the bank yet!) I more than likely would not have enough in my PC account to cover it. Especially, if it were a really big show.
Then I would have a much bigger problem to deal with. I also agree that this is our business, and with every business you must assume some risk.
Just my two cents. :)

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checksI just read my post again. I pretty much said the wrong thing that makes it sound like I have my host write a check out for the entire show. I only have my host write me a check only if there is a guest that has to post dated it. That has actually happened to me once. Usually, my host and guest are friends and the host doesn't mind writing out a check to help her friend out. But my host writes one check for her order and the friends order. I don't have her write me a check for the entire show. However, if the guest make a check payable to the host, then yes the host will then have to write a check off of her account. All she has to do is deposit the guest checks that were made out to her. (This has happened to me twice) Even after I told them to make checks payable to me.

I agree that this is our business and we have to run it the best way we possibly can and provide good customer service. As long as our host doesn't have a problem with it. For some of us, we have known our hosts for sometime.
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Hot debate!!Never been burned, but I was advised by my director to have all checks written to the host and then have the host write the check (minus any charges of course) to me. I think this is the best way, not necessarily as a response of "being burned" but that these are the host's friends, co-workers they often feel more comfortable writing a check to the host than to me, who they don't even know. If I were doing an outside order and have never seen this consultant, I wouldn't feel comfortable writing it out personally to her. It would be different if the check could be written to The Pampered Chef.

In addition, I think it is much more comfortable for the host to say that the check bounced to their friends than for me to call about it and then play the hunting down game. I also find it easier to keep track of things when you just get one check from the host instead of 20 checks from all these different people.

I do feel it is a personal preference and it is even stated in the Recipe for Success that you can do it either way, at the advice of your director. But I think you can be very professional and do it where the host gives you one check, and it you are still running your business without seemingly dumping responsibilites off on the host.

Just my 2 cents (okay maybe a whole nickel!!!)
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I've gotten burned...In the four years I've been selling PC, I've only had one check bounce. I was able to get the money eventually; it helped that the host didn't give the customer her order until she paid cash (luckily, the customer was the host's sister ;) ).

I was in a bad situation last Christmas, though, when an acquaintance called me and asked me if she could place a last minute order. I was closing a show that same day, so I told her it was fine. She didn't own a credit or debit card (or so she said), so I told her to just send me a check. Well, she never sent me the check, never responded to my calls or e-mails, and still avoids all social situations where she knows I'll be. I was able to re-sell the items, but talk about getting burned. I certainly won't do that again!

I met a consultant who told me she will only accept cashiers' checks. Customers must write a check to the host, and the host has to give her a cashier's check. I think that's a lot of work for a host, and isn't there a bank charge for that?

I'll just continue taking checks, cash or charge, whatever's easiest for the customer, and hope that everything works out well (as others have said, that's one of the risks of having your own business). If a customer asks which method I prefer, though, I'll take the credit/debit card. It makes it less personal if it gets declined (you can just say "Pampered Chef called me to let me know your card has been declined...")
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This is a matter of preferance. Some consultnats like to have the host make one big check to them and others prefer smaller checks from the guest. I will tell you why I am the latter.

I have had instances where the host check has bounced. IF that check had been for the entire amount of the show I would have been in some serious trouble. I would much rather try to come up with coverage for a $20 or $30 check than for a $700.00 one. I have only had that 1 check come back to me in 1 1/2 years but I thank my luck stars that it was not for the entire show.

I have all guests make checks out to me. I think it is less work for the host and way less risk for me.
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ChecksI have been selling for a little over a year. I have only had 1 check bounce, and the guest just had me cancel her order. I have been lucky. I have to agree with the others, I would much rather have to cover 1 smaller check, then the entire show. :eek:
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My director said that as an incentive for people to pay with credit/debit card, she tells the guests that they will receive a small gift from her....and when they check out, she gives one of those Celebrations Recipe cards that we can buy for 50cents for a whole pkg! She said that people really go for it.
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checksI have had guests write their checks out to me and instead of depositing all the checks into my account. I go to the bank that is on the check and cash it first. Then I deposit the cash into my account. I don't have to worry about checks bouncing. My sister-in-law gave me that advice because she sells candles and she does that.
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I tried calling all the banks to see if they would tell if the check would clear but with the new HIPAA laws, they couldn't tell me so I just collect all the checks (written to me) and just take the chance of depositing them all into my account!
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UpdateSince I'm the one that started this chat I was thinkink that maybe I should give you some update on the bouncing cheque. Yesterday, Ireceived the cheque from my bank, it was date ONE day before the show closing date AND the bank tried to put her cheque 4 days after I had made the deposit. I have been triing to reach that girl but she is not returning my calls. I never put her order in so on that side I am back up and now I want to talk to her so that I can sent the cheque back to her after I make a copie of the cheque for myself so that she cannot come back and say the a deposit it to early.
Thanks for all your advise,
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Debit/CreditI agree that taking one big check from the host is worrisome. I don't give them the option of paying by check. All outside orders are written to the host and I tell her, "then you pay me for their orders and yours with your debit or credit card. You will already have the money to cover their payments because they wrote the check to you. If you would like me to wait until the checks clear your bank I will."

My been burned story comes from a guest at one of my first shows. She ordered about $50 in product. I didn't deposit the checks right after the show. I went to the bank the day I closed. So by the time I knew it didn't clear the products had arrived. I had my host give me the order. I tried for 2 weeks to get in touch with the lady. Then I called Pampered Chef and sent the whole order back. They gave me a refund for the order, but I was still out $25, the fee my bank charges for bounced checks. She called me a few weeks later with a sob story wanting to order again. I told her it had to be cash or credit--She never did end up ordering anything.

So even at my shows I make a point of saying at the beginning when I'm going over the order form, "The preferred method of payment is credit or debit card"
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Chef Kearns said:
I agree that taking one big check from the host is worrisome. I don't give them the option of paying by check. All outside orders are written to the host and I tell her, "then you pay me for their orders and yours with your debit or credit card. You will already have the money to cover their payments because they wrote the check to you. If you would like me to wait until the checks clear your bank I will."
We are are only allowed to use a credit card for up to two orders. How do you manage to send all outside orders and the host order on one card. Do you combine outside orders into one? And if so, what about their receipts for the warranty?
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Beth Brigham said:
We are are only allowed to use a credit card for up to two orders. How do you manage to send all outside orders and the host order on one card. Do you combine outside orders into one? And if so, what about their receipts for the warranty?
Wow, I didn't know we were only supposed to use the same credit card for two orders! I swear I've had a host pay for more than two separate orders on her card and I didn't have a problem. I've never seen this in Policy and Procedures. Where is it written? That's good to know if that's the case!
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On page F-2 of the recipe for success it says:

"Only one customer order can be charged per credit card number submitted, except in the following situations:

Direct Shipment (Example: One customer places an order fro herself and a second order to be shipped to her sister)

A Friend In Need (Example: One customer forgets her checkbook; another customer helps her out by putting both orders on her credit card)

Outside Order Received After the Show (Example: Host collects an outside order paid with a check and places the order on her credit card along with her own purchase)"
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Thanks Beth!Ok, that does make sense. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I guess the situations where it's happened to be have been example number three when it's an outside order after the show. Thanks! :)
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I agree..... I think it is a too much to ask the hostess to write one big check. THe other side of that is, that if a guest bouces a check to her and her check bounces to you than you are out a whole lot more than you would have been that it just been that one little check. I am on show # 77 and I have only had one bounced check.

The one thing that I would have done differently, I would always call the customer to resolve a payment problem, not the host. That way there is less reason for embarassment. If you do have a guest not make good on a check, or charge you can always have the host hold on to the product and return them for credit, (not charge for shipping back within 30 days).
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I host shows for other people for different companies (got an At Home America show coming up) and honestly, there is no way I would ever write a big check to the consultant and then risk being burned myself by bounced checks. A good portion of the people who are coming to this party are not my friends and coworkers, they're neighbors and acquaintances that I really don't know all that well. If she requires me to do it that way (which I just realized must have been the way the party I booked from was done), I will not do the party.
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This is a story from a consultant on another forum. She started her business by having all the checks made to the hostess and then getting one big check made to her. well on show the hostess never paid her and just kept all the money from her friends. Then when she doesn't get the products and her friends are all asking about it she blames it on the consultant and bad mouths her to everyone. At some point the consultant had to call the police and file charge against the women. Also she had to call the guests and talk to them. IT was a huge ordeal. I don't remember all the details and this is definately the reader digest condensed version but you get the picture.

I would never have a host cover everything. I don't trust people that much. This thread makes me realize that I trust people a little too much though and I should be a slight bitmore careful. I mean by waiting a little longer to make sure I have all the money.
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No matter how much you think you know someone...Money makes it all different. My dad trades antique cars, and he's been burned twice as often by his "friends" than by strangers.
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HUGE Mistake - I need advice and support:eek:

I am a new consultant, and I made my first huge mistake. I submitted a Pampered Chef show the other day, and I ended up having a problem. At the show, a mother and daughter wanted to combine their orders, which were written out on separate receipts. Both of them put down a payment method. One was credit card, the other ended up being a debit card. When they talked to me about combining the orders, I dont remember them saying whose card they wanted to order on, but they wanted them both put on one card, so I did. Well, it ended up being a debit card, and the girl got charged about $30 from her bank for insufficient funds. She was mad, and I could not prove that it was not my mistake, so I agreed to pay the fee. I made enough on that show to cover it, luckily.

Im not going to make that mistake again because if someone wants to combine their orders, they are going to have to fill out 1 order form and give me 1 form of payment.

My main question is, am I or is she going to be charged a fee from Pampered Chef. If so, how much is it going to be?

I definitely learned from the mistake, but Im upset that I made such a stupid mistake.

Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure what you mean by "charged a fee from Pampered Chef?" I dont beleive there will be a fee charged by them for anything...someone correct me if I am wrong.
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Jenni32874 said:
At the show, a mother and daughter wanted to combine their orders, which were written out on separate receipts. Both of them put down a payment method. One was credit card, the other ended up being a debit card. When they talked to me about combining the orders, I dont remember them saying whose card they wanted to order on, but they wanted them both put on one card, so I did. Well, it ended up being a debit card, and the girl got charged about $30 from her bank for insufficient funds. She was mad, and I could not prove that it was not my mistake, so I agreed to pay the fee. I made enough on that show to cover it, luckily.

My main question is, am I or is she going to be charged a fee from Pampered Chef. If so, how much is it going to be?

Pampered Chef does not charge them a fee (or you) if their bank charged them insufficient funds on their debit card. If they try to pay with a CREDIT card and it is declined, they will contact you, in order for you to contact the guest for an additional form of payment. Often, I've gotten the 3-digit number off the back of the card from the guest, and accounting can push it through. Other times, it's simply been a declined card. Regardless, you are not charged, nor is the guest.

Exception: If YOU pay for the show (or partial payment of a show) on your Pampered Chef Debit card, and you don't have the funds in the bank...after two times, you will be suspended from using that form of payment for shows for one month. Refer to your "Recipe For Success" Book for further info.

Checks: I have had three bad checks given to me. I always charge $12.50 service fee. I am a business. Other businesses charge a fee, I charge a fee. Some banks will charge you if you deposit an Insufficient funds check from a customer. Fortunately, mine does not. But again, I have to take additional time to contact the customer for another form of payment. I have to cover their $ until they pay me. I will charge the $12.50 for my time.
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I too have each customer write the check to me. I would much rather have a personal check bounce for one order than the host's check bounce for the entire order. Not only would that be embarrassing for the host, but it may cause some tension between you and her, and that's just bad for business. I want my host to feel as happy as she can after the show, and promote more bookings for me. I don't want her to feel embarrassed or hassled, and turn it into a negative experience. The easier on the host, the better.

It's not tact that I'm worried about, it's just business. I also tell the host (for outside orders) to write their drivers license number on the check. If there is ever a problem, I can turn to that for assistance.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Plus, in some silly way, I think it keeps my name in front of my guests again when they balance their checkbook. They think "who was Rebecca Bilyeu? Oh, the Pampered Chef lady", and maybe they'll call for something they need. I don't know, just an extra thought...:) :rolleyes:
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QuestionNot being biased on how I do things, but how would the host's check bounce?? She deposits all the checks in her account, writes the check out to me and then I don't deposit her check until every check in her account clears.

I really do see and understand everyone's point in having individual checks written to you...I guess since I have really not done shows with complete strangers (meaning, people who have booked through a show and not somebody I met on the street).. I haven't had a problem with the host writing the check.. maybe as my business expands I will change my policy.
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I know it seems that it would be easy for the host, but think about the hosts who may need a little extra cash on a certain day, and "oh!", I have some cash from my Pampered Chef orders. Or maybe they deposit the check, but spend the money in the account before you have time to cash it. My director had a host who spent all the money given to her for the show, and she couldn't pay for the orders. She had to call the HO and tell them what happened. The Home Office honored the orders, and if I remember correctly, they took the Host issue into their own hands, legally. My director called each guest and let them know why there was such a delay. I can't imagine doing that to my friends and family, but some people are like that! You just never know!
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Something to think aboutThanks, something to think about... my director was the first to tell me to take one check from the host, but after these posts, you all gave me something to think about!!! :eek:
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Collecting PaymentsI have another DS business where all I do after the Show is send in all the orders to the company once collected with any CC pymts. HO will get it bagged and tagged. Once the Host has mailed in a money order for the remainder of the payments, HO will ship out the boxes to the Host and all she does is hand them out to her Guests since HO already separated them. This saves me a lot of time, banking, waiting for checks to arrive, and bounced checks. I may even try to do something similar with PC since it is my business. I think whatever works best for you is what you should do. The whole purpose for me getting into DS was to be able to stay at home to take care of my two babies and my disabled husband.

Just another POV.
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one other thought. when the guests write you a check you have their address and phone on that. my guests do not always fill in that info on the order form. even after i have told them too. It is a great back up.

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