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Make 2005 Your Pampered Chef Year


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Apr 14, 2004
Every year we make personal News Years resolutions to lose weight, stop procrastinating, be better with $$. This year make some business New Years resolutions. Do you need to make 5 calls every night to get your business where you want it to be? Do you need to be promoting Pampered Chef more every day? Do you need to study the basics more or improve the quality of your show more? We often know what to do but often don't do it.
I suggest picking only 2 resolutions. The more you pick the less likely you will be to keep them. Then print them out and put them 2 places in your home. Maybe your desk and on the refridgerator. You'll need constant remeinders the first few weeks.
It's amazing how your Pampered Chef business can change by only making a couple changes.