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LOL, don't try this at home ...


Feb 3, 2006
Being the newbie that I am, I decided this evening that I wanted to season my large round stone a little faster than normal by just cooking lots of cookies on it.

So I decided to cook bacon. :p

I put several pieces of bacon on the stone and put it in the oven. My husband looked at me warily. "Don't worry!" I say. "It will come out nice and crisp and tasty."

So I went along on my business waiting it to cook and my husband calls to me, "Honey, it's getting a little smokey in the kitchen." I call back, "Bacon does that! Turn on the fan."

A few minutes later ... "Honey .... a grease fire is starting in the oven ... I'm turning it off." :eek:

I run into the kitchen, and there is indeed bacon grease on the bottom of the oven. And all over the stone.

But the bacon turned out great!

Moral of the story is .... uh, don't cook drippy things on a flat stone? :rolleyes:
Oct 27, 2005
Try on your bar pan

Oh no....I am so sorry that you had that experience. Definitely try the bacon on the bar pans when you get them. The bacon does come out crispy and delicious, but there is a LOT of grease that will be in the bar pan. If you have the kitchen spritzer you can try to spray some oil onto the flat stone, or even bake some biscuits, that always works well. Good luck with the seasoning process and with your business too.