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Kids Play group and preschool. HELP!!

Oct 11, 2005
I have someone wanting to do a party, but she wants to do it for her child's playgroup and preschool.It is scheduled in 2 weeks. Her son is 4 yrs old. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? The party will be at a church fellowship hall at noon. I thought about maybe setting up a few different stations(with parents help)and letting the kids prepare. I do have all the PC kids items,but the recipes in the Let's Eat cookbook are usely only for 2 or 4 servings, and I am not sure how many will be there. Any suggestions, ideas or recipes will be greatly appreciated.



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Jul 23, 2005
the thing i always suggest for little kids is maybe cake decorating or cookie decorating. have them already made and the parent/child team that wins gets a free ????. while they are feasting on there creations talk to the moms about bookings, recruiting stuff like that. keep it short and sweet because this a show where the attention span is limited and control is a little harder to have. good luck and have fun!!!


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Jan 17, 2006
Make food ahead of time!!!

Try to make alot of the food ahead of Time!!
Use the prep bowls to make individual cakes for them to decorate and to keep them busy.
YES Stations are a great idea!! I do it every time. Encourage parents to help, if you don't have any parents there and just kids, be sure to have an assistant help. Maybe another consultant, the host, older kids.
Small kids need to be supervised. Keep sharp things away from them. Finger foods are great. Try to make maybe one appetizer and one dessert. That should be good. Have them experiment with the tools!! Do refrigerated cookie dough and have them roll it out and use their cookie cutters on it.
Good luck!!


Aug 16, 2005
I did the TicTacToe Pizza in the Let's Eat Cookbook for a Mommy and Me Show and the kids loved it! They also enjoy using the Cut 'N Seal to make PB&J.

Julie Myers
Denver, PA


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Oct 22, 2005
kids show

I'm no expert cause my only Mommy and Me show went "okay" - all the kids wanted to play with the hostess' toys so didn't help at the "stations" we had set up. A church hall might work better. Here's what I did:

Apples & apple wedger and cutting board

PB&J sandwiches with the cut n seal

Lemonade with the quick-stir pitcher (since you only do it once, didn't get noticed)

Cookies pre-cooked on stone - decorate with frosting out of the Easy Accent Decorator

Can opener - had clean, pre-opened can for moms to see smooth edge

Carrots & celery cut with the crinkle cutter

Good luck...BEE