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Just wondering



I am planning on purchasing a kit in the next week or two. However, before I do I am trying to get a really good plan set up for running my PC business. I did it a few years ago and failed. I love this website because it addresses many of my pitfalls and gives me the confidence to overcome them. I love the idea of express shows. I think they would work really well for me. But here's an idea that I also was considering. I attended another companies home party last week. The consultant held the party in her home rather than the host's. Would something like that work for PC? I thought it may encourage people to book that way so they don't have to prepare their home etc. Also I thought for us it would be nice since we wouldn't have to lug our stuff out. And I know how my appliences work. Let me know what you think about this option. And thank you so much for the other ideas!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
shows in your home

Having something like an open house for your first show is a really good idea. Invite all your friends and family- its a great way to start off your business. I knew a lady who does her own home shows in her house(she is not a pampered chef consultant) The only thing was she always seemed a little stressed because people are in her home every weekend. I'm not saying that you would be the same way I just know how it was for this one lady I knew. Keep in mind also that with the new host program your hostess gets an automatic $15 in free products for having the show at her house. This automatic free product is mainly a thank you for opening her home and for providing the ingredients. If you had the shows in your home I'm assuming you would have your hostess bring the ingredients which means she would have to come early enough for you to get things ready. I know for me I like to go to other's homes. I don't have to worry about cleaning house, my kids running around, my husband having to hide upstairs ;) ect.. Talk to your director and recruiter about it, get ideas from ladies on this website, and weigh the pros and cons. I know for me though I would rather do shows at the hostess house- less work for me. :)


Mar 10, 2005
I did my first kitchen show in March and held it at my house. It well, but I definitely like to do shows in other people's houses better. If you do decide to shows in your house, one option is to purchase the ingredients yourself and have the host reimburse you. That way she won't have to come early and you can already have everything set up and ready.


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Feb 3, 2005
That is one of the best things about having your own business....you can run it the way that works for you. If having people in your house works, then do it. The points made in the above posts are valid ones and you should consider them.

Good luck restarting your business. Out of curiosity...what made you decide to sign up again? What made you stop the first time?


Thanks For The Tips

Thanks for the advice, I will weigh those options out. I quit because I had gone back to school and was working full time and just got too busy. I wasn't successful at gettting bookings. I am restarting because now I am a stay at home mom and would like to be able to earn some extra money.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Another thing you may want to consider is that your host's guests may not feel comfortable coming to a stranger's house (yours). That may affect the number of people coming to the shows, and thus your sales and bookings.

As a stay-at-home mom, I can also speak from experience that when you are doing a show at your home, no matter how well daddy is "watching" the kids - at least one of them will come running through the room in the middle of the demo and start pulling on your apron for attention! Just something to be aware of.

I am assuming you have a consultant you are working with, but if you do not, I would be glad to have you on my team! My contact information is below. Good luck on your new career!
Feb 17, 2005
If you do decide to do a show in your home for another host - let me know how that goes. I really like that idea actually. I hate toting all my stuff to shows and I always always always forget something. That would make me want to book more shows - if I could have it in my own home where I am comfortable.


Apr 20, 2005
My Opinion


Here's my opinion. Offer both!

Tell people that they can have the show at their place, or at your place. Then they can make the decision. I agree with others that some people may not want to go to a show if they don't know the person who's house it is. On the same token, some would-be hostesses may not book a show because they feel their house is too small, or too messy, or that their kids would be in the way, etc.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

I also think this site is GREAT for information, tips, and SUPPORT!

Hope to hear soon what you have decided and how it works for you!

Good luck at your second run!

Michelle Roth
Consultant # 021705