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January & February Outside Order Forms for Efficient Hostess Packets"

In summary, Trish has found that using the Outside Order Forms posted on this message is a more efficient way to run her business. She prefers the ones she makes herself because they have all the necessary information printed on them and she does not have to order or print multiple copies. Additionally, Trish has found that her show totals increased when she switched to using these forms.
Does anyone have Outside order forms for January? Also February? I am wanting to get started with my hostess packets especially for January, sinc eit will be a very busy month for me.
Here you go.


  • OutsideOrderForm-Feb06.doc
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  • OutsideOrderForm-Jan06.doc
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Thank you so much!!!! This web-site is great!!!! IUt makes it so much easier to run my business with you guys on my side!!!!!
There is a thread under Flyers and Letter called Host Letter to share, in there the thread starter has one for november that was really nice and I tweaked it for december, January, and February and posted them in a reply there...I would suggest you take a look at those...she has other things posted there too that are really nice like host letters and upcoming specials flyers
Generic OOF 2 per pageHey, I have a few open house situations that I am taking part in and I am not sure how many order forms I was going to need.....so I made up a half sheet size that will work through Feb. Includes the temp receipt that has been really nice to give to guests.
Hope you all find it helpful too! :)
Central FL


  • Half sheet Order Form.doc
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That is perfect great to use for any month.
Quick questionThis may sound silly but here goes....what do you use as the receipt when you use the outside order form. I know there is a second page when you print the order form from the PC website, but the items ordered are not on that. This question probally has a answer that is staring me in the face, but for the life of me I can't see it. Thanks ahead of time for any answers to this.
I just use the PP reciepts i come home put the orders in then print it out and send it to the hosts
thanks!!!you know I have done 2 shows so far and have sumitted both through PP and have never printed the reciepts. I just don't get the answers I need from my director, and I hate that. But thank you so much.
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the second page of the outside order form is the guarantee information. If you print that out on the back of the OOF you can then use that as your receipt, but it must have that back page to be an acceptable receipt for returns. If you use the PP receipts you must have that information on the back, so you will need to order PP receipts on your paperwork supply. They are very inexpensive and I prefer them. I print them and then mail them to the host to use when she distributes her products.
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To save on priniting out alot of paperwork I print out the outside order forms on the sales recepts you can buy on the paperwork supply. I print them out on the blank side.(I use the outside order forms from consultans corner) On the back of them is all the info. It saves a whole lot of paper and ink
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I do that as well Janel. But have you noticed that when you print out the receipt now it will print 2 pages. It never used to print the back information page. I just have to remember now to only print page one.
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Yeah, when I print them out I just print page 1 of 1. I'm not sure why they have that second page there.
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The second page is the warranty info and it's not a valid receipt without that information attached. The DSA requires us to provide this information. That's what I'm told anyways. HTH! :D
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Yes, I know it is a warranty. But if you have the pp receipts it is already printed on the back of those therefore it is uneccessary. That is why I only print page one.
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Outside Order FormsThe Jan and Feb Outside Order Forms are posted in this message. I believe I posted them as the 2nd of 3rd post. Here's the March and April ones!


  • March order form.doc
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  • APR order form.doc
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You do know there is one on consultants corner right? I print that one off every month and mail it to my hosts.
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Yeah, I know there is one on there, but I prefer the ones I make instead. They have the Color pictures and the Item # for the guest special and also have my info already printed on them. It is just a matter of changing a few things once the first one is done. Actually I got them from one of the directors in my cluster and now I make the changes myself. I noticed that my show totals went up when I started using these instead of the ones that are on Consultant's Corner!
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DZ Mom- April outside order form is not correctDonna, Your April outside order form needs to be corrected/ the lower portion is still saying cutting board free.
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Does anyone have an OOF with a separate Pantry section and no tax on S&H? We have a separate food tax here in IL and we do not pay tax on S&H, so...

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Thanks for the heads up!

Deb, I have a Dec Order form that could be updated! My cousin lives in Bloomington, and I made it up for her catalog show! I'll post it for you to look at!


  • DEC order form (Renee).doc
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Thanks, Donna! Looks great!
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DS Mom- Shipping charges have increased also
mrssyvo said:
Donna, Your April outside order form needs to be corrected/ the lower portion is still saying cutting board free.


Shipping charges have also increased to $4.00 starting in March. I have corrected in on mine,but didn't want you to lose on yours.

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clarificationSo, on the posted OOF for April, I need to change shipping and handling to $4.00 and instead of free cutting board change to free outdoor party plates? Does the item number need changing. Thanks!! I am going to start selling in April and this website has been such a help. Does anyone have one for May made up already?

1. How do I access the January & February Outside Order Forms?

To access the January & February Outside Order Forms, log in to your Pampered Chef consultant account and navigate to the "Hostess Packets" section. From there, you can download and print the forms.

2. Do I need to use these forms for every hostess packet in January & February?

Yes, these forms are specifically designed for hostess packets during the months of January and February. They include special offers and incentives for your customers to place outside orders, so it is recommended to use them for all of your January & February hostess packets.

3. What is the purpose of the January & February Outside Order Forms?

The purpose of these forms is to encourage your customers to place outside orders from the January & February Pampered Chef catalog. This helps boost sales and rewards your hostess with additional free products.

4. Can I customize the January & February Outside Order Forms?

No, these forms are pre-designed and cannot be customized. However, you can add your contact information and consultant ID number to the forms before printing them.

5. How many outside orders can a hostess collect using these forms?

These forms have space for up to 10 outside orders. If your hostess receives more than 10 outside orders, you can print additional forms or have them write the orders on a separate piece of paper to be included with the packet.

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