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Is there tracking on adjustment orders?


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Sep 7, 2005
I placed an adjustment online on thursday. I got an email confirmation but when I go to look it up under the adjustment page there is nothing showing. My ? is do they list it or not as being received or shipped out under tracking ?

Generally how long do adjusments take to deliver to the host? She was missing 2 pcs from her order and I when I asked Customer service they said up to 3 weeks:eek: !?

thanks in advance:)
Mar 16, 2005
I have an adjustment that I entered on the 3rd and it has not shipped yet. It used to be real quick shipping. Not sure why its taking so long. I just entered one this morning my customer had a great show with lots of free cutting boards they said they shipped 12 she only got 5 tell me how that happens. Hopefulyy it will be back to the way it used to be and adjustments will ship real quick.:) :)


Apr 22, 2005
Back Order

The FREE Cutting Boards are on back order, that may be why your hostess didn't receive all of them. As for the adjustment, I have never had it take that long either, usually when it is approved it only takes a couple days depending on where you live. Hope I helped.


My Adjustment Order

I put in an adjustment order on the 2nd of March, it shipped out the 3rd and I got it the 7th. I was pretty impressed. After I got the email I checked out the link on CC under shipment status, there is an adjustment status bubble. It was there that I could click on the tracking link, and find out where the adjustment was. I pretty much accidently found the link. I am still pretty new and I spend a lot of time just bouncing around from this site to CC. Trying to absorb all the wonderful information I am able to find.