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I'm thinking about getting my own website. How many of you have a


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Apr 12, 2005
I'm thinking about getting my own website. How many of you have a website? Do you find it helpful to your business? Just courious if the investment is worth it. and any advice you may have about getting one. I hear they are very easy to maintain just not sure if the money is worth it. (We pinch pennies to the fullest extent here, My husband is the only steady income):)
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Aug 7, 2005
Well worth it

I signed up for one when I became a consultant last month. I only signed up for the 6 month deal (42 dollars, I think). Orders from my first party alone paid for the subscription. That party ended up getting over $300 dollars in outside orders. I also put "Unable to attend? You may still schedule a party or book a show by visiting..." stickers on the invitation postcards...I'm sure this has helped.

My advice...go for it.

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Apr 15, 2005
Not as pleased

Hi Brooke:
I signed up for 6 months in May, and have only had 2 orders placed and those were by people I knew. I promote it big time have a flyer in every host packet with there pass word and how the website works, I host coach promoting it, and talk about it at my shows, I also put the stickers welcoming web orders on all my catalogs and it is also on my business card and nothing has happened. I think you need the computer savy host and guest and maybe I just haven't had one of those yet?? I too feel all it takes is one host to utilize it and it will pay for it self, but with 20 shows since May not one yet here. Just wanted to give you my opinion but I like having the opportunity offered to order online and now with the order 24/7 available I am hoping it will boost it's usuage. Just my personal experience, I do like the note on the invites I am going to try that and see what happens I always feel anything is worth a try. :)