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Pampered Chef: Bookings I'm new and I want to read all the posts but:

  1. bejams

    bejams Member

    I really would like to hear from people that are doing well. Can you make it in this business? I don't want to wear rose colered glasses, but I would sure like to know if this works in a big way for anyone. I am really looking forward to making this work but I am getting a little overwhelmed. Is booking realy that hard to get and keep?
    Jun 20, 2005
  2. I am just starting, as well, but here's the story of my director:
    She began just to get the kit, do a few shows, and quit. She really fell in love with the products, and enjoyed meeting new people and getting out of the house once and a while. Now, 8 years later, she lives in a WONDERFUL, huge house that her PC check pays for. She's had to work to get where she is now, but let me tell you, it looks like her work paid off! She began this part time while working full time, and for some time now, she has been able to stay home with her two children. SUCCESS!
    This business can be a success if you want it to be!!
  3. bejams

    bejams Member

    Wow, work I am not afraid of. I just need to know it can be done. Thanks
    Jun 20, 2005
  4. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    Oh boy this is a bit long.....sorry

    I think browsing this site can definitely be overwhelming. I think it's great that you put your post up here because I think we are more likely to use this forum to vent and get support because it's so accessible and it's sometimes more convenient than calling our director or cluster members. I'm SURE you will get some good feedback to your post because I know most people have incredibly positive experiences with Pampered Chef. It's important to keep in mind that everyone on here probably has their business for a different reason. Some are more "hobbyists" and some are more of the "career consultant." I'm probably right down the middle. I've been doing this for 2 years and three months and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. It probably is THE most unexpected rewarding experience! I got into this sort of on a whim when my first child was 15 months old. I used to hate to cook and I HATED speaking in front of others, since I was quite shy. I looked at this as a personal challenge to totally step out of my comfort zone and give this a try. I really saw it as a no risk investment because if I didn't like it, I could stop. I told myself at the beginning that I wouldn't get all stressed out about bookings, that I'd just do it as a way to get out of the house and interact with adults every once and awhile. Well, I had NO idea I'd love it so much or that I'd discover so many unknown skills I had!

    The absolute best part of this business is that it's flexible. I have a part time job where I typically work certain weekends (as a licensed individual and family therapist on a child/adolescent psychiatric unit), so I always know what days not to schedule shows. My husband sometimes travels, so I can work around that schedule. Sure, there are times when I wished I had more bookings (usually when there's some special incentive for a given month) and when I get frustrated about shows and some of my recruits going inactive, but with what I see as a pretty minimal amount of time I've put into the business I've earned some awesome things. Not only just about every month of my Super Starter Program (back when it was 6 months long), but level I of the incentive program both years (a Waterford lamp my first year and $250 in various gift certificates I got to pick from last year). I definitely see a correlation between the amount of time I can (or want to) put into it (getting my name out there, making big MAC calls, making customer care calls, doing a monthly newsletter, etc) and my paycheck.

    I can tell you that last year, we had our house on the market, sold it, built a new house, moved twice within 2 1/2 months, had a part time job, had a baby (who's now 9 months old) and stayed at home with my now 3 1/2 year old son and I NEVER had to take a leave with PC. I kept my business going. A couple of the months it was the minimum needed to stay active, but I was never close to going inactive. I think that's pretty amazing because there aren't many jobs out there where I could have made the paycheck I did with the minimum amount of work. And, like I said, I earned level I of the incentive program. And I really don't think building a new house would have been possible without the income of PC.

    I know I'm rambling (sorry!), but the bottom line is that if you want to make this a CAREER, it IS possible. It does take work, don't get me wrong! You need to have a consistent business and really dedicate yourself to that if you want to promote to director and beyond. I got into this not having a care in the world if I ever recruited anyone. But NOW I really want to become a director! Not for the money and extra director perks (those are all nice, though!), but because I want someone to have the same experience I have with PC. I want to see someone else discover skills they didn't know they had, to step outside of their comfort zone and learn a ton about themselves, to increase their self esteem and their self worth and for them to discover they have other identities out there (besides mom, career woman, sister, student, daughter, wife, etc etc) and they can all blend nicely with PC.

    I think it really helps to have a supportive director who helps you achieve your goals...and doesn't impose her own onto you. :) I know I've seen that issue pop up here sometimes. I think being able to get involved in a cluster (who has regular meetings you can attend) is essential, not only for the social aspect, but because it's a great source of training, support, encouragement, recognition...you name it. And definitely attend Conference!

    Wow, I'm really sorry for such a long post. This had to be a record. But I was on a roll and couldn't stop. :eek: I think this business is amazing and I really don't think there's a magic formula to making it work that can apply to everyone out there. I do know that it is possible to build a strong business if you use all the tools you have available to you. YOu need to want to, too! I wish you good luck and I hope you get some helpful feedback! :p
    Jun 20, 2005
  5. pchefdonna

    pchefdonna Member

    I also started this business on a whim. I did not know how to cook (besides the absolute basic frozen and box fast food times), and intended to do the minimum shows required to keep the kit. My first year I chose to only do one or two shows a month. Once I realized the potential, I started putting some effort into the business and was amazed at the results!
    I have replaced my income from my previous job, and now enjoy cooking.. and I must say, pretty good at it too! Not too mention the incredible benefits of free products, and Wednesday my family is enjoying a "mini vacation" courtesy of Pampered Chef (earned level one of the 2003 incentive and chose the hotel certificate)! Our first family vacation, and I am on track for the Caribean Cruise!
    One of the biggest surprises in this business is the personal growth we experience... self esteem and confidence can soar!
    Good luck in your business! Donna
    Jun 20, 2005
  6. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    That's great that you're on track for the cruise! Good for you. I know I'll at least reach Level I since I won't be too far away from that by the end of this month. How many points do you have so far? I'd love the cruise, so I'm going to keep plugging away!
    Jun 20, 2005
  7. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    I have been doing PC for 6 months and for me it is alot of fun. I'm a stay at home mom and wanted to do something for myself to help better myself, have some social interaction, and have something to work towards. Having my own PC business makes me excited to think about what it can become in the future and how far I can go with it. There are downs that come with the ups but that is true in every business. For me the ups have far outweighed the downs and it has been just alot of fun and worth the effort put into it.
    Jun 20, 2005
  8. pchefdonna

    pchefdonna Member

    I am exactly half way to the first level of the cruise, as a future director. With some new recruits signing this month and a consistent schedule I should be there! And attending conference has been a big boost to my business (after attending National last year and Leadership this year, my sales rose and maintained an average $800-$1000 a MONTH after each conference) Here's hoping this year produces the same results!
    Keep plugging away and you might be pleasantly surprised at the end of the year! Good luck, Donna
    Jun 20, 2005
  9. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    As with anything you do, you have to put work into it. It will not work itself. If you want to make it into a full time business, you can easily do that. If you want to promote to director or higher, you can do that as well.

    I started almost 2 years ago. I already work full time as a 2nd grade teacher. I wanted some adult time for myself and loved that I got out to talk with real adults and had fun.

    I did about 6 shows a month and made about $1000 a month.

    Two years later, I am still working full time and I will be walking across stage as a Director at conference! Who knew!
  10. bejams

    bejams Member

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, When I say I am new that is an understatement. I don't even remember the last show I had over 10 years ago. I do want to make a success out of PC. I am a very motivated person and this will problally be a good fit for me. I realize how discouraging it can be at first and I too will probally do my share of venting, but I just wanted to hear from someone that is makeing it work.
    Jun 21, 2005
  11. Where do I begin.........

    I have been with Pampered Chef for 8 months and I promoted to Director on June 1. This is an excellent business to be in. You will get what you put into it. I do have a parttime job as a Legal Assistant and I work two days a week and I have a 18 month old daughter I enjoy all the time. She is the reason I decided to start my business because I wanted to be the one to raise her and to be with her all the time (well my husband too). Anyways, I started with this business knowing I am not going to settle on second best I am going to strive each and every day to better my business and I do. You have to learn to get past your fears of talking with people either on the phone or in person.. you have to market yourself and your business. I love what I do. Every month I have to work on bookings I live in a tiny East Texas town with not very many people but I am starting to branch out in other areas. So my advice to you is not to give up. You may have a bad show, bad month or bad year but you have to keep going out there and doing Kitchen Shows and keep marketing yourself. There is success in this business and it is acheivable.

    Ginger Phillips
    Independent Pampered Chef Director
    Jun 21, 2005
  12. How it works for me

    I started my business last April. I had been working a part-time job with full-time (24-7) stress. I was looking for a way to stay home with my kids. It took me a few months, on Oct. 8th I left my part-time job to be home with my kids. Pampered Chef made it possible. But the best part of all is that it's all up to me. I can definately tell the months were I had days that I just didn't want to pick up the phone & so I didn't. My bookings suffered. The best way to have sucess to to find people that do not know you, because they will be able to introduce you to more people.
    Jun 21, 2005
  13. ChefNic

    ChefNic Veteran Member

    I think the products sell themselves. People see you use them and talk about their benefits, guarantee, how it makes cooking so much quicker and easier, and they want them! Have them come up and USE the Smooth-Edge Can Opener...I promise they will buy it, and probably a few other people. Talk about the kitchen scrub brush..."you'll never have to buy another kitchen brush again!! it is gauranteed for life, and won't stain -even spaghetti sauce -and the bristles won't get mushed down..." I have been selling those like crazy...
    The business will work, if you use your products, tell people what YOU love about them, have the other guests tell what they love, and talk about the wonderful Host program! "If Suzy books from Amanda's show today, Amanda AND Suzy will be able to get next months Host Special at 60% off. ETC...
    I wouldn't want you to have rose colored glasses on either. Sometimes we all hit lows, and have nothing booked, or have a very low show and it gets frustrating. I've been with PC over 4 years, and a few times I've been tempted to hang up the apron. But I love this stuff, I have fun when I'm at shows... and as soon as I feel like saying" I'm not going to try for any more shows" someone calls me up! wants to book! Then I get 5 bookings, and it spreads from there. GO TO THE MONTHLY MEETINGS!!! That keeps me motivated, encouraged, and full of ideas! Good luck...try it, do your 4 shows, see what you think!
    Jun 30, 2005
  14. need help and tips

    Ok, I was a host of a party on June 20 before I became a consultant and literally everyone I knew came. Now, I can not get bookings for July. I have 2 catalog shows going on but that is it. I have about 8 people that want to do a show in August and they won't move up to july because of vacations. I feel like I am at a stand still...what does everyone else do when or if they get to this point? I am going to make flyers and put them on windshields at Walmart and am going to offer 5 dollars off if they host a show in July. I will do that this weekend. Do you all just walk up to people and start talking about it? I'm getting discouraged quickly. So, any tips will help!

    Pampered Chef Consultant #447004
  15. gmosullivan

    gmosullivan Member

    It can be dificult getting started and 8 people for august is great. I would also send out a letter or flyer to everyone in the neighborhood, to all your people on your people you know list (if you did it). If you didn't make a list go make one of everyone you know. The starter booklet gives you ideas of people you know, church groups, sports groups, neighbors, etc. Then send a letter to them and follow up with a call. I got a few shows from doing that. Hope that helps.

    Good luck and it will happen.
    Jul 1, 2005
  16. Ask first

    Hi Michelle,
    I just wanted to inform you that Walmart is very strict on soliciting(including leaving flyers on cars). Ask management first. if they say no try Hospital parking lots(lots of DR.'s and nurses who love Pampered Chef!
    Candy McIntyre
    Maine Consultant
  17. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    Yes, I think you can get into big trouble putting things on cars at walmart. Walmart wants all that money spent in their kitchen department not ours. I give out catalogs all the time to labor and delivery at our hospital and they always come through with great orders. I usually just find a contact person their and work with her. If and when they have down time they like to flip through the book. Putting the books at local hair salons is great too. I did that at mine and one day I walked in to go to the tanning bed and came out and a lady stopped me and bought $150.00. Not bad making $30+ while getting a little color. I also do little mini shows their as well. I usually go on Fridays which is the busiest day for them. I set up a small display and put catalogs on all the chairs. I also bring something yummy to serve the stylists and offer it to the customers as well. I like to do these mini shows and add them to a bigger show. Generally it only brings in about $200 in orders but I take whatever I can get. :D
    Jul 1, 2005
  18. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    I have to say that is a good idea going to the beaty salons i have thought about that myself but it is hard to go when i have to drag my kids so i havent done it yet since the days my husband has off we end up traveling to Utah
    Jul 1, 2005
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