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I need bookings at tonights show!


Dec 14, 2005
What's your sure fire method? I got 3 bookings off my last show but tonight will only have 7 guests (my smallest show so far) and since it probably won't be huge in sales, I want to focus on bookings.


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Jun 22, 2005
Hey I saw your post and really needed to read it myself! But it must be a new post since no one has responded yet.
Here is what has worked for me in the past.
I gave everyone a slip of paper that had this written on it:

"List 5 products with prices...$$$ MONEY IS NO OBJECT $$$(here is where I joke that they are using Donald Trumps credit card!)

TOTAL AMOUNT = $________

Then I did my demo - throughout the demo I would ask them if they have filled up their 5 spaces... reminding them...
Then I had them add it all together...

Then in a separate column, I'd have them
~take the two most expensive items, take 50% off
~Take $60 worth of products, write "free"
~The rest give 20% off
~~If they like the second total...they need to consider booking a show!

At the first show I did this with I got 5 bookings... 4 of whom were people who KNEW I did PC and just never realized how much they could get... They wanted the Professional cookware... so when they saw they could get it at 50% off...they were in!

I just didn't like how people had a hard time calculating...it seemed a bit cofusing,,, I also had extra calculators around, but with a big group it is sorta hard.

I have also put 3 index cards, folded in half and set up like a tent... on the front of the 'tent' I wrote a date I wanted booked... on the inside of the 'tent' I wrote products that they would get for booking. Sorta like the "Sealed Envelope" idea, or the "Book to look box" idea. I've also heard consultants putting papers inside a balloon with prizes on it for booking the date that is written on the balloon, then they pop the balloon(maybe with our Quikut Paring knife) to see what they won.

I want to try the "Book to Look Box/bag/basket"... They can only look if they book a show...then inside the box is index cards with products as prizes.

I hope this helps!
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Nov 28, 2005
I don't know if you have enough time to do this, but maybe a quick variation would work well for you. I did this at my last show and had 3 bookings out of 8 people. Not bad. Anyway, I printed several of our most popular products out on cardstock and attached a little velcro behind each one. I placed them on a cover I had cut off of a 3-ring binder. On the back, I wrote "Customer Price: $90." I told them that my average host gets $90 for free, but then they also get 2 half-price items (I use the woven tray & round stone plus the SS bowl and whisks), AND they get a 20% discount. I show them how my "host" has now spent less than $90, and has gotten a TON MORE for free. I also mention free shipping, host specials, booking benefits, and 10%PHD. It's a great visual to show the average, but I also mention how a few of my hosts have gotten over $1,000 worth of products for like $400, etc. Mention 1/2 price cookware, etc. I also tell people to check out their wish lists/order forms and subtract $90 from their total - as the host, they would most likely get that much (or more!) for FREE!
Biggest thing - don't sound desperate for bookings. Just present what an AWESOME deal it is, and how you'd love to be the one to hook them up!
Good luck tonight! I'll have my fingers crossed for you :)


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May 24, 2005
I was really needing March bookings since I had only one show in Feb all the others canceled on me so I put in 2 catalogs a note saying you are the lucky winner. When the 2 people got the paper they asked about it and I told them that they just won a free cooking show where I will provide the food and send the invites out, both those people booked and I got 2 other bookings off that show so now I have 6 shows in march and when I did that I had 0 for March good luck on getting your bookings