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Pampered Chef: I need advice from laptop users

  1. itsjustCarla

    itsjustCarla Advanced Member

    My daughter is graduating high school in a few months and we got a really great deal on a Dell laptop for her to take to college (for my Dave Ramsey friends, we had set money aside and paid cash - woo hoo!!).

    Anyway.......I've only had desktops, so I have no clue what she's going to need....besides a printer and a protective carrier. Can anyone help me??

    Mar 28, 2009
  2. pampermejolene

    pampermejolene Advanced Member Gold Member

    That's pretty much it. You will find TONS of gadgets and accessories for laptops but they aren't really necessary.
    Is she going to be in a dorm? You may want to get her a "lap desk" or table that will reach over her bead if she isn't going to have a desk. I usually have my computer on my lap, but you shouldn't have it directly on your lap, it needs to be on a hard surface so it can vent.
  3. candiejayne

    candiejayne Veteran Member

    I am using one of our cooling racks right now with mine. It lets airflow under it so it doesn't over heat, I can sit in my chair, set up the legs on it and use it as a riser to lift it up for easy typing! I learned this tip on here! I use to have problems all of the time with my laptop overheating, but since I started using the stackable cooling rack.

    For my laptop at work, I have the extra mouse and 10-key pad, but honestly, I never use them. They are just a waste of money to me.
    Mar 28, 2009
  4. lauradahl

    lauradahl Member

    I got my Dell almost a year ago...I have a printer that's connected to my desktop and I have to plug this in if I want to print anything. I'm hoping that one will quit working so that I can get a new one....and I want one that is wireless! That would be the best! No cable hookup. I, like Andrea, don't use my mouse that my husband got me. I thought I might use it at shows, but I never remember to hook it up. I just use the pad like always.
    Mar 28, 2009
  5. AlowayFamily

    AlowayFamily Advanced Member Gold Member

    I got our son a laptop for his college use and he was able to link to the network with the college and print, so your daughter may not need a printer. We never got him one. If he needed to print something and couldn't get access to the network he would save his file to his thumb drive and take it to the computer lab. You may want to get her a good thumb drive so she can save files easily.

    DS uses a mouse with his laptop, but he likes a mouse, so I think its a personal preference. I prefer to use a mouse as well, as my fingers tend to cramp with the pad.
    Mar 28, 2009
  6. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    Sounds like you got all she needs. I think the lap-pad is essential since with the laptop, you don't tend to sit at a desk! LOL!
    Mar 28, 2009
  7. JAE

    JAE Legacy Member

    I agree that a lap pad for air flow is a good idea if she'll use it. I really like my Dell.
    Mar 28, 2009
  8. diradt

    diradt Member

    The only NEEDS are maybe some USB drives for storage and a carrying case. I would not have wanted a computer without a printer at school---sometimes the printers at computers labs are too back-logged and you need a paper when you NEED a paper. If the computer doesnt have a normal number bar on the side and she is taking a lot of math and sciences, finances etc....a number keypad that attaches through a USB cord would be very beneficial!
    Mar 28, 2009
  9. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Legend Member Gold Member

    One thing that I just got was a 10 key pad for my lap top. I'm horrible at using the top numbers. But she will only need one if she uses the numbers alot. Otherwise it doesn't matter.
    Mar 28, 2009
  10. PampChefJoy

    PampChefJoy Veteran Member Gold Member

    I use a laptop for portability but I hook it up to an external monitor for working -- really helps with post-processing photos. It's not a NEED at all, but if you have an extra monitor from an old computer or can pick one up on Craigslist or at a garage sale, it can be handy to have... esp. if you have a laptop with a smaller screen. Helps with eyestrain. Of course, I am twice as old as the average college student lol, so my eyes are a bit needier! I also hate using the touchpad so I have an external mouse.
    Mar 28, 2009
  11. itsjustCarla

    itsjustCarla Advanced Member

    I wanted to thank all of you for your advice. I opened the laptop yesterday and played around with it.....got it all set up and ready for her and even wrote her a mushy little note in her documents for when she gets it. I fell in love with that computer and would LOVE one of my own. LOL. I did find myself reaching for the mouse - so I will probably get her one to go with it.....at least until she gets used to it. Thank you especially for the advice on the table/tray. I would have never thought of getting her one of those.
    Mar 30, 2009
  12. itsjustCarla

    itsjustCarla Advanced Member

    Ok........one more question........does anyone know what I need for the laptop in order to use WIFI??
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