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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser I know some of you have said that when you do a fundraiser for an

  1. rayday

    rayday Member

    I know some of you have said that when you do a fundraiser for an organization you submit it as a show instead for a few different reasons. I am thinking about doing this as well and had an idea that I’d like your feedback on.

    As an incentive to each seller of the organization I was thinking about offering like 3 different products they could choose from ($15 value) if the seller sold over $200. This would be on top of the normal 15% that the fundraiser would earn that would come out of my check.

    I know this would give me a smaller check but I’d be making up for it in some free product money. It may also entice the group to sell more, which is more money for everyone!

    Has anyone else done something like this? How did it work for you? Any thoughts welcome!
    Oct 3, 2005
  2. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    Are you saying that YOU are pretending to be the party hyost, and will pay them (out of pocket) the 15% of sales plus a gift, and just take advantage of the hostess gift? Dont forget the fundraiser contact person would receive the 60% hostess special. I'd love to hear how that goes. I'm doing one by the book right now, but offering to double the $3 booking and adding 5% of my commission too.
    Oct 8, 2005
  3. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    I've not heard of doing this either. But I think what you are saying is that you would be the host. You would donate 15% out of your commission to the charity leaving you with 7 or 8% you could still let the charity chairperson (cohost) buy the host special but you would get all of the free products which could easily be $90+. As we are allowed to host our own shows I'm guessing it would be o.k. and what you do with your commission is up to you. It doesn't sound real profitable but sounds like it could be a good way to get products when you are first starting out. It looks to me like on a $400 show you would only make about $28.
    Oct 9, 2005
  4. rayday

    rayday Member

    It's an organization that I am a part of and I want to help them out as much as I can. I was thinking about submitting it as a show under my name, giving the 15% out of my check as well as giving away a lot of the free product value to the sellers. I don't mind that I wouldn't be making much money off it because the sale level will help me out in my SS month so that I can earn some of the bonuses.
    Oct 10, 2005
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