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I have invite about 12 ladies to supper to try some PC recipes.


Jul 13, 2005
This is not ging to a formal Pampered Chef party.
In the invitation I invite them to supper to try some Pampered Chef recipes and I wanted their feedback on recipes.
I also stated they must RSVP by certain date and could bring a friend, but must RSVP for them and friend.
And I announced a attendence drawing but their had to meet ALL requirements:
1. RSVP for themselves and a friend if bring a friend by certin date, 2. be on time and 3. don't eat supper before attending. I am planning on giving a small oval baker as attendence prize.
I am also going to print coupons (pampered chef dollars) for all guest, which will be off an September order.
Now I want recipes. I know I want to make the easy artichoke pizza.
I am looking for recipes that I can done or in oven before guest arrive.
Main-easy artichoke pizzza
The recipes don't have to be from new seasons best. No seafood-allergy!!
Any suggestions.
Has anyone made the chocolate truffles in new best seasons?
I have invite 2 past host and 1 future host and 2 people I know need $$$(possible recurits) and some neighbors.



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Jul 24, 2005

What a great idea! I know there are many awesome dessert recipes, but I just made the brownie mocha dessert and it is sooo good. It is very very easy to make too.

Everyone that had it loved it.



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Feb 2, 2005
When I want an easy dessert that looks pretty, I make the Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake. It is simple to prepare. If you don't have the 10 or 12 inch skillet, I'm sure you could make it in a round cake pan with the same results. It is "to die for". Until today, I had always served it warm...the chocolate melts in your mouth. But, I made it for a friend last night and brought it to work this morning and it still tasted wonderful. It was very moist and I got a lot of compliments on it.



Aug 5, 2005
Main & dessert/appetizer

I know you mentioned that the recipes didn't have to come from the new season's best, but......
the family-size baked burrito is soooo good! I just made it tonight for dinner. And even though they say the caramel apple dessert duo (pg.28 in new SB) is a dessert you could also serve it as an appitizer. I had a show on Sunday and the guests raved about it!! :)
I would also reccomend that you make the avacado lime sause with the burrito.
Good luck with your guest addendance, sales, and hopefully recruits! :D

Autumn Cercone
Independant Kitchen Consultant for
The Pampered Chef
[email protected]


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Jun 20, 2005
Springform Pan

I just got the Springform Pan set because I LOVE CHEESECAKE!! :D You can really never go wrong with Cheesecake. There are so many different versions of cheesecake, that you can really tempt everyone's taste buds. I used to buy cheesecake at the grocery, but it is now $15 or MORE, so what a great way to show off the pans. You could even show off the SA by setting up a cheesecake display with different toppings in the SA boats and bowls and the cheesecakes on the platters and the 3tiered stand!!! :D


Aug 7, 2005
Chocolate Truffles

CBord - I have made them. I only used unsweetened cocoa powder as a coating (rather than coconut, nuts, or chocolate shavings) as I was just trying the recipe out. I liked them. My husband did not. One friend said it was "okay" and another said they were good but needed "something else" like the nuts or coconut. Hope this helps...



Jul 21, 2005

I am cooking a recipe every night or two from SB to get ready for my first shows - which recipes work well, getting familiar with the tools...

I made the Apple Almond Pastry the other night - it was AMAZING!!! My husband brought the leftovers to work (he's having a catalog show for me, so this is good advertising :) ) and they were gone before the cheesecake someone else brought was gone! We had it with ice cream as dessert - but it looked so pretty - I hated to cut into it! It will be a must-do for my kickoff show...

Good luck!



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Jan 4, 2005

At our cluster meeting the other night, we made the Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crispy Shells - it is Chocolate Show feature in the Celebrations Flyer - however instead of making the big shells like the recipe calls for, our director found small crepes at Walmart. These must be about 4" square or so. We pressed them into the mini-muffin pan and baked them. ONLY took a couple minutes becuase they are smaller. Then used the small scoop for fill each with mousse, then the EAD to put a dollop of cool whip. These were awesome and I believe the recipe made 20-24. Great for a show because everyone gets a little tart, and they were easy and quick.