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I am having a hard time finding people to host shows. I have only had

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
I am having a hard time finding people to host shows. I have only had two kitchen shows, one person showed up to the first one, and two people showed up for the second. At the first show, the guest didn't even order anything, although she seemed really excited. Fortunately, the host had a large outside order, so the show qualified. The second show went a little better, the guests each bought quite a bit, the show ended over 600. Because these two shows had such ridiculously low turnouts, I am running out of leads fast! My family is pretty tapped out, and I am a stay at home mom. We recently moved here so I know NO ONE. I tried to set up a booth/table at a local craft fair (I live in a small town, only ~10,000 people), but missed the cut-off date. I don't have any shows on the books, although I am planning on an Open House in January, and may possibly have a catalogue show coming up in the New Year, too. I am completely (sort of!) OK with not getting any of the SS bonuses, but I would really like to get some darn bookings! I have tried cold calling people from the phone book (not a great experience), doing a healthy options demo at the local Curves, dropping off catalogs and rings/wreaths/veggie trays/cookies at several local businesses, holding catalogs when out in public, emailing everyone I know... I just don't know what else to do. I have really been trying to put an optimistic spin on everything-- how great was it that my first two shows only had a few people, so I didn't get nervous?!? But that only takes you so far before you feel like you are deluding yourself.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, I really needed to share. Hopefully this will encourage me to keep trying and get more creative! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated-- I really like doing this and want to be successful. :)


Aug 24, 2005
I hear you

I am getting close to ending my super starter months and I have racked my brain. I ahve one show this month and nothing else booked TIL FEBRUARY.
My family is so exhausted of PC and have had at least 10 shows. Thank you to them for that. But I am liek you NO LEADS, NO NEW FACES. NO BOOKINGS to keep this great business going. And when someone even remotely sounds interested - i think i run them off - i TOOO excited.

BUT we have to think positive Christmas is very time pressured and everyone is busy and things HAVE to get better. I have 5 kids and things are getting tight around my house. Just keep you chin up and keep on pressing PC does pay off and God is ALWAYS in the blessing business.

Want a little - place an order
Want a lot - Have a Show
Want it ALL - Wear the Apron

Chef Kearns

Legacy Member
Gold Member
Feb 8, 2005
Zoe, last year this time I was considering giving up my business. We had just moved to a new state where we knew no one. No family or friends.

Like you I tried to get into a craft fair, but the cost was $500!! Instead a friend of mine suggested that I attend the craft fair with as much PC stuff on as I had and hand out recipes to people. I printed the recipe out on card stock and my info was on the other side. I walked up to people and said, "Would you like a free recipe?" Some people would take it and keep going, but some would stop and we would engage in conversation. I got at least 10 leads from that.

The biggest thing I got out of doing that was encouragement. It helped me realize that business was out there for me and to not give up. I suggest going to that craft fair with your PC garb on and see what happens. (Make sure there isn't a PC lady already working the event though)

Good luck, honey!!

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
Thank you

I am really not ready to give up, yet. I just am not really sure how I am ever going to get this going! I'll keep trying, though. Thank you all for all your encouragment. :)


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
I'm glad you're not giving up! Have you participated in any tele-classes? (either live or recorded) I was going through the same thing you are a couple months ago, and pretty much out of exasperation (I'll admit it!) I listened to a pre-recorded tele-class.. Let me tell you--it really renewed my vigor and gave me the oomph of determination I needed to refocus! I recently wrote a "Business Grand Opening!" letter and have sent it out (only via email so far), as I just became active again and have seriously decided to pursue this business. Maybe doing something like that might help you get some sales or bookings, since you are new to your area. People in your area might not even know that there is a Pampered Chef consultant around! (I've come across a bunch of people who didn't know PC was around my area, and there are 2 of us within 20 minutes of one another!) Do you have kids in school? In a MOPS group? Go to the YMCA? Talk to people there. Have any local flowershops, bridal shops or photographers? Talk to them; see if they would be willing to let you put up some biz cards and maybe a flyer or two, or even give their customers a small pk of your information (a biz card, mini catalog, half-pg flyer).. you could offer them a small gift with an order they place (Season's Best cookbook, for example) as a thank you.

Keep your chin up.. Soon as you get that one awesome show, you'll be on cloud nine again! Good luck and God bless.