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I Am Angry! (And It Takes a Lot for Me to Get Angry)

In summary, the host put the calzone in the oven with the woven tray, which was burnt and smelled horrendous. The host apologized a thousand times and said that one of the great things about The Pampered Chef is that they cover the consultant in these instances. However, Rebecca is far from happy with the way the company has responded. She asks for the woven tray to be replaced because it was not misuse.
Be ready ladies, because I'm fuming...

I held a Jimmy Buffett party on my hosts patio. The show was great, except for an error on my host's part. When the Cheeseburger-Stuffed Calzone was done, I asked the host to put it in the oven for me. 20 minutes later, she told me she thought she burned it. I walked into her house, and her kitchen was filled with smoke. The calzone looked great, but she had put my WOVEN TRAY in the oven with it!!!! It was burnt to a crisp, dripping some kind of liquid---smelled horrible! My host apologized a ton, but I reassured her that the company would replace it, and we all laughed it off as a "blond moment" on my hosts part.

I just called Customer service, and they told me they would NOT replace my tray because it was "misuse"! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I am furious! I explained the whole situation, and she even put me on hold to get a second opinion, but came back and said the same thing--not replaceable!

SO! I emailed Field Services and this is what I wrote:
I held a kitchen show (#0065), and it was a patio show outside. When the time came for the Cheeseburger-Stuffed Calzone to be put in the oven, I talked about the rack for the stone, and that it was a necessity to buy with the the round stones. I had the stone with the rack on my Woven Round Tray. Again, I talked about each piece separately, and even had a guest comment that she didn't know the rack was able to go in the oven...she thought it was just for display. I held it up, and told everyone what a necessity it was to buy this with your stone. I then told the host to take the calzone inside and put it in the oven.

20 minutes later, the host went back inside to get the stone, and came back out and told me she thought she'd burnt it. I went inside with her, and her kitchen was full of smoke. The calzone looked great, but she had put my Woven Tray into the oven!!! It was burnt, and smelled horrendous. She apologized a thousand times, and I reassured her that one of the great things about the Pampered Chef is that they cover the consultant in these instances. I told her that #1, there is a warantee for our products, and #2, we have insurance to cover "unexpected" accidents in the hosts home. I also talked to the guests about what happened, and we all just laughed it off as a "blonde moment" on my host's part.

However, I am far from laughing now. I just got off the phone with Customer Service, and I was told that I would not be able to have my tray replaced because it was "misuse". I am very upset. This was not misuse on my part. I explained to my host what needed to go into the oven. I am extremely disappointed in The Pampered Chef if this is the stance that they will take on this matter. What if I had a host who's child accidently picked up my Small Oval Baker, or knocked it off a table and broke it? What if my host tried to help out with dishes, and put my Ice Cream Dipper in the dishwasher? These are accidents--my hosts are not fully trained on these products. They have not read the product use and care. I do not cover EVERY DETAIL of each products' use and care. I do take the time to cover the warantee, and I do tell my guests what is and is not dishwasher safe, but how is that my fault if my host does not listen, and does not follow my guidelines? What if it was intentional, for some strange reason?

I understand that we have policies for a reason, but this is NOT the way I would have expected The Pampered Chef to respond to my unfortunate situation. I ask again for you to please remedy this problem, and replace my Woven Round Tray. I have always been so pleased with the way The Pampered Chef has handled my customer's requests and returns--I can only hope that they can be sympathetic with their Consultants' requests the same way.

Thank you.
Rebecca Bilyeu

UGH! Sorry, but I had to vent--I love this company, but SERIOUSLY!

...I guess I'll get over it...
Oh what a bummer! I'm so sorry! :( I hope something gets resolved through Field Services. Keep us posted!
you certainly are intitled to vent! we all need to do that now and then! Pampered Chef has always taken care of their consultants and guests! When I talk at a show about the warranty, I always mention to guests how wonderful PC's customer service is! I am so sorry it turned out this way. And you mentioned several points that I wouldn't have thought to say, like the host hasn't been fully trained, she hasn't read the Use & Care... And I suppose since you said PC would cover it, it isn't like the host will offer to pay half or anything. So sorry this happened. I guess we can't assume anything with our hosts... I would have thought she would have asked just to make SURE that she could put it in the oven... I mean, if some people aren't sure if they can put the METAL RACK in the oven... DUH... you don't put RATTAN in the oven!!

What does the insurance cover? I had a $471 check bounce to me... fortunately the lady finally paid me back 3 months later! But I was worried... Then I have lost things... like my pocket thermometer, Small Spreader... I know it was left at the hosts house, but they say they never saw it... I pass it around at their show... two days later at another show I don't have it... I look thru all my bags etc... can't find it! whatever... but am I supposed to pay for another one? or is this what the insurance is for? Or is the insurance for when we burn their house down, or spill something that ruins their carpet, etc...

Sorry it happened, I hope you will know that these are freak accidents, and usually would never happen and probably nothing like that could happen again. I hope it didn't jeopordize your sales or bookings.

Good luck! You're doing great!
Nicole Aslaner
Lexington, SC
THe insurance coverage is liability insurance. So, if you do cause a fire or damage the house or furniture in some way, it is likely covered. I know there is a claim process, so I don't think it's a given that EVERYTHING is covered. It's not for things like losing items or even like the example of the host putting the Woven Round Server in the oven. I don't think, at least, that it applies to that. It's more for damages. That way, if the host sues you or something, the coverage from PC is what's supposed to cover that instead of it getting to that. At least that's the way I understand. My husband works in the insurance industry and is very knowledgable about insurance coverage stuff. I'll have to ask him to clarify this all and I'll see what he says and post it.
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I will let you all know what they say in their response.

If anything, it's a lesson learned--you have to be EXTREMELY careful at your shows.

I will have to be more specific next time: "Okay, put the rack and the stone in the oven, but not the woven rattan tray. Also, don't leave the oven mitt in the oven, and when we're cleaning up, please don't put my scraper down your dishwasher disposal. Oh, and one more thing...when you're helping me do the dishes, pack up my products, and carry things out to the car--if you break it, you buy it. But thanks for the help!"

lol...I know that's extreme, but I kinda feel like I might need to say some of those things to my host, and I'm afraid she'll think I'm treating her like a child. I swear, if I would have said, "now Michelle--just put the stone and the rack in, and not the basket", she would probably be offended that I had to tell her that (okay, well, maybe not THIS host, but most hosts). Imagine going to a candle party, and the consultant tells you, "Thanks for helping me light some candles, but please, be careful with the matches because the fire can burn you". :rolleyes:
A helpful tip (hopefully)...I've experienced some things, not to the extreme of yours however...but I started doing this at my shows:

Common Sense tips....

For instance when I show the batter bowl I talk about the product..yadda..yadda...then I mention what you can make..cakes, etc..
Then I laugh and go "okay ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to mention my common sense tip #1 of the show...But 1st let me tell you a story...a friend of mine, bought one of these fantastic bowls from me, and as she's a prominent lawyer, I won't mention her name, but she calls me and says, you know that bowl you sold me...and I say yes...well I made that cake thing...and now my oven's on fire...I said "What"...what happened? Well, I mixed the cake...but the batter in the bowl, put the lid on it and put it in the oven..." Now ladies and gentlemen, I tried not to laugh at her, and I explained to her, that the lid was plastic and therefore not oven safe...so if you thinking about making the cake..please remember not to use the lid in the oven...oh and for the record...we were able to save the batter bowl as after the melted plastic cooled we peeled it off the glass, and she got a replacement lid..."

So basically, I do about 4 common sense tips during the show...and the funny thing is... I don't make the stories up!!!! Of course you could..just to the exaggeration....

Hopefully, PC will replace your woven tray...keep us posted..
Oh, do I have a good one to add to that! I had one host tell me that her grandma tried to use the MICROcooker on the stove. She thought it was cookware. I thought, oh poor little grandma isn't quite with it. Not a big deal, the host bought one for her grandma to replace that.

THEN I was doing some customer care calls and talked to a GUEST from one of my shows. Someone who cooks and has all her faculties about her......well she went on to tell me she needs to return her MICROcooker because she tried to use it on the stove and it melted! Duh! Now, granted from a distance those do look a little like pots. But to FEEL it and not know it's plastic is a little strange. So, I told her I'd sell her a replacement at 20% off because I felt bad about that, but it's not something PC would replace because the Use and Care Instructions are pretty clear. She was also someone who expressed interest in having a show, so I also offered that once she has her show, I'd buy that for her on her show. I think she was a little peeved at me that I didn't replace it outright and she has yet to book a show. But please!

So, I do always tell that story at shows to remind people it's a MICROcooker meant for the microwave. I'll have to add the Batter Bowl story to that. At least all of these stories let us add a little humor to our shows! Let's keep sharing!! :)
Classic ScraperI am so sorry to hear about your Woven Selections piece. Please keep us posted as to what happens w/ PC.

I have a couple of product "misuse" stories:
My aunt was having an open house for her brand new coffee shop and she was making hot chocolate in a coffee percolator. She stirred it w/ the scraper, and somehow dropped it in there without realizing it, and completely forgot about it for over 10 hours. When she went to clean the percolator later, there was the scraper... not even stained! She washed it and it looked brand new.

I've also heard, and I don't know if this is true but it's a good story, that a consultant received a call from a woman whose husband drilled a hole in the bottom of her ice cream dipper because he thought water leaked into it. :D

I heard a story, I think from my director, that a woman's house burned down and they went to sift through the rubble. In the area that used to be her kitchen, under a pile of ashes, were all her stones!!! A little dark but still useable. She was very thrilled to find something that survived.
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Those are some good stories to tell at our shows. I can't believe it though- he put your woven tray in the oven. I guess some people are entitled to having brain farts, but for goodness sake. If it were me I would definately have offered to pay for it or something.
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Good News from the Home Office!I finally received a response from the home office, and I'm very happy! I guess I still love this company---lol (I would have either way):)

Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef Customer Service department.
We have reviewed your request and we have made an exception to replace
your Woven Round Tray. Please keep in mind that the insurance covers
only damaged done to the hostess property (counter, oven etc). This is
still considered a misuse of the Woven Round Tray.

Thank you Pampered Chef! And thanks to all of you for letting me vent!
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I'm so glad to hear that! That's really cool that they made an exception for you. Their customer service is so great....even for consultants! :D

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