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How do you contribute your comm. to FRs?


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Sep 7, 2005
I liked the idea of giving the org. part of my own commision. So how do you handle doing this say if I want to contribute 10%? I was told it wasn't done thru PP? So do I cut them a personal check once I get my commission check? :confused:


Jul 31, 2005
Yes, you would send them a personal check. Don't forget you can count this as a charitable deduction when it comes to tax time!


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Apr 13, 2004
Charitable donations

I did this with a Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser. I sent out a personal check to the Cancer Society and had to put it in as a Show Expense.
Charitable Donations are only deductable if they are a certain percentage of your income. And I mean they need to be really high in dollars. Your total donations for the year must exceed about 30% of your income I think.
I donate roughly $2000 a year and because my income is what it is, that was not enough to deduct as a charitable donation on my income tax. So this year any donations I put out there via Pampered Chef, I wrote in as a Show Expense. Sounds dumb but I refuse to let Uncle Sam get any more than he should.