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How can i find our about bridal fairs in my area?


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Oct 9, 2005
I'm interested in doing a bridal fair or expo, but how can I find out about one in my area. I live in the western part of West Virginia.
Sep 20, 2005
Try the perfect wedding guide...they do bridal expos yearly in every area they have a catalog. I think the site is www.pwg.com
My bridal expo was held by my local radio station, so you could possibly contact yours to find out if they are having one or know of anyone who is.

I hope this helps...good luck


Thanks a lot!

I was wondering the same thing about events in my area. Thanks for the website - there were two events in my immediate area. The one is this week, so I missed that but did notice there are no PC reps there. The other is in January so I will try for that one. Thanks so much!


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Sep 1, 2005


Thank you so much Jeanne for the links!

It really helped

UPDATE: WOW! Can you say expensive? I just received two info packets on upcoming bridal fairs in my area. I live in San Diego, so may be that is why. Here is what they told me.

Perfect wedding guide: $135-335 in Black and white
$175-$450 in color
These are monthly payments for advertising in the local directory. Advertising agreements are for twelve months/4 issues. That is low compared to the premium pages. Their bridal fair is in March and is outrageous. $325 for the fair and that is if you advertise with them. $650 for non-advertisers.

Bridal Bazaar: $890 for a single booth in Jan. ( prime fair season for the June bride.) $740-$790 for spring/summer/fall! :eek:

I don't know about you, but if you have any suggestions I am up for them. I know I couldn't afford it even at half the price. Has anyone done a booth at one of these fairs? How did it turn out for you in the long run? I would hate to go in debt at the first month of the year :(
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Oct 7, 2005
have you mentioned the expo to your cluster? some clusters split timeshares for things like this (which splits the cost).. you dont have to pay the full amt or sit there for 10 hours a day, for five days (those things can be long!).. just an idea..

i'm sure it'd be successful--can you IMAGINE how many people you'd meet? and those brides are in the mood to spend money, and to get the "perfect" thing that they want--it's like they're sniffing you out! :p

good luck