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Hi everyone,I have just gone through a very bad year, 2004. Due to

Apr 4, 2005
Hi everyone,
I have just gone through a very bad year, 2004. Due to personal problems and illness in my family my Pampered Chef Business has taken a back seat. I am now trying to jump start my business back up. I have done fairs, followed up on any leads, did a mystery host show, out of 35-40 invites I only got 5 orders. I am still calling the others on the list to see if they wanted to order anything. I have 1 show booked for June. I'm really trying to make this work but I am not having much luck. Any ideas to help me out would be appreciated.

Linda Kanthack


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Linda....WELCOME BACK and I'm sorry you had a rough year in 2004.

Here is an email I got last night about bookings.

Inactivity Guarantees Failure – Do Something!
Thanks to Doris Frame for sharing!

Take paperwork with you to work on while you are waiting – doctor’s office, dentist, sports games, etc. And, don’t forget to take catalogs to pass out!
Contact past hosts before their 10% discount expires. Tell them they can extend it for another year by having a show. Be sure to inform her of all the new products and incentives.
Make Customer Care Calls! This can be a wealth of bookings! They already love the products! Find out how they’ve been using their products, what they like about them and suggest complimentary products for free by hosting a show.
Hold your own “Open House” or show. Invite everyone and have a Mystery Host drawing.
Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for leads for speakers or fundraisers. Offer theme shows or lunch/after work shows.
Have a “Business Appreciation” week. Visit local businesses and drop off a dessert for them. (And, of course, leave business cards, catalogs & any incentives there are for bookings.) Real Estate offices generally buy a gift for people that have bought a house from them. What better gift than a PC gift! And our gift sets are perfect!
Follow up on your leads immediately. If they have gotten cold, don’t be afraid of them! Just pick up the phone, apologize and get on with it! They’ve given you permission to contact them – do it.
Your bank teller. Drop off catalogs when you make your deposit. Banks are full of women!
Post fliers at libraries, bridal shops, post offices, department stores, etc. Be sure to leave business cards.
Have “Independent Kitchen Consultant” printed on your checks right below your name. It’s a great conversation starter at the checkout!
Take a PC recipe to potlucks in a piece of stoneware, and lay a catalog beside it.
Put a PC message on your answering machine, and put your business cards in with your bill payments.
Offer an express show to people you meet. Have the show within 2 wks and you’ll provide the food. Helps get on the spot bookings from sales clerks, waitresses, etc.
Never leave a restaurant w/out leaving a catalog or business card with the tip. Talk w/the waitress also.
Offer a cooking class to the Girl Scout troop for a cooking badge.
BOTTOM LINE: Sell the FUN… Leave them WANTING MORE… Be FRIENDLY… Involve PEOPLE you meet.. Ask QUESTIONS.. RESPECT the business and yourself.. Open your MOUTH and Ask… SHARE – Catalogs, Food, Ideas & Information…
May 26, 2005

This is to Pamperedgingers Feb post. I just wanted you to know I thought the ideas you gave especially about putting your business card in with your bills was a great idea. I'm going to try it.

I'm new to the site so I'm catching up on all readings. I've been a consultant for two years this July. At the present time, I'm currently on leave due to medical reasons with my father. However, I am looking forward to coming back in August.

Again, Just wanted to say thank you for that idea.