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Pampered Chef: Help with my Nightmare - Prayers would be appreciated and any advice

  1. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    Oh man, I'm having a bad day!

    This winter I noticed the humity was very high in my house. We know we need a new furnace and had quotes to get one. I looked up on the internet about humidty being high when running a furnance and it did say it could be a faulty furnace. We ALWAYS use a carbon dectector which always reads zero. We were planning on getting the new furnace in two weeks - my husband will be off work and home while they do the install.

    I ran my air last week (it got hot) and noticed a musty smell. I checked out at the furnace and noticed water in the pipe which comes out at the bottom. I didn't run the furnace or the air anymore until I could have my hubby look at it, take it apart, etc. or just wait for the new furnace guy.

    Well today I was running the sweeper and noticed cob webs in one of the vents. I started sweeping it out and started sucking up WATER:cry:!! I have called several people - I finally have someone from the co. that installed our original furnace coming out in the next 3 hours!!

    Please let me know if you have ever had this problem or if you know someone who has. If so, what did they do?

    My BIL thinks it may be a pipe broken under the slab. I don't have a big water bill though.

    Please say your prayers for me if you would that it doesn't cost us a ton of money:rolleyes:!
  2. I don't have any experience with this enough to offer advice. What I do have is similar appliance trauma. Our compressor failed in November and we had our baby Dec 1 and did not notice we were running on auxillary (sp) heat until we got a $500 electric bill. By the time the issue was identified we were in another $500 in electric and hundreds more on the unit.

    All I can say is this, you will be surprised how well you can cope with even the bad things your imagination may be tempting you with. Whatever it is you will be much more graceful than you anticipate and it will probably be a lot better than your worst thoughts.

    Not having a high water bill is a huge step in ruling out a broken underground pipe :)

    I'm just sharing...I don't know if it helps....
  3. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    I've prayed, Rhonda.

    I asked The Furry Guy. Does your furnace use LP or gas? Those both produce water. Our furnace is LP, and we have a drain for the water produced. He also asked if you have a humidifier on the furnace. Many do, and if that has burst, it would do that.

    He said if it were a burst pipe, you would probably have had more water, unless it's a really small leak.
    May 1, 2009
  4. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    Thanks Michelee and Rae.

    It is a gas furnace - 20 years old. We do not have a humidifier built in.

    I'm beginning to think it may be the foundation of the house. I only have water in the vents which are to the back of the house. The furnace is in the front of the house in the garage. The vent closest to the furnace doesn't have any water.

    I sucked out 5 full shop vac tanks of water.

    A guy from the furnace co. that installed it is on the way!

    Rae, is your husband a furnace guy?
  5. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Jolie_Paradoxe Senior Member Gold Member

    No advice, but lots of prayers your way! I'm hoping for some good news so your day can turn around!
  6. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    No, but The Furry Guy has many skills. LOL! He says that there's been enough rain in Indiana that the water table is really high. You may have water coming up through the ground, finding its way through cracks in the slab.
    May 1, 2009
  7. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    Well the furnace guy was here. The water is from the ground. It looks like it's been there a while though.

    We are going to get a whole new system and go through the ceiling. We will be closing of the floor vents. We sit so much lower then the neighbors and we have water drain issues in my neighborhood - won't even go there after fighting for 20 years.

    It will be expensive, but I don't want to keep dealing w/water in our heating system. I am allergic to mold and I can't stand the musty smell - very gross!!!

    Now I will have to work, work, work my business to get more money to pay the loan!!
  8. Ann F

    Ann F Advanced Member Gold Member

    I'm sorry to hear of your unexpected and unwelcome expense! I'm glad you got answers quickly, though.
    May 1, 2009
  9. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Glad to hear you're getting it taken care of. Sorry to hear it's going to be expensive.
    May 3, 2009
  10. pampchefrhondab

    pampchefrhondab Senior Member

    Thanks everyone. Just got a quote today! I'm going to be so glad to have the system replaced and the od vents closed up, but I am boy how I am going to hate that monthly payment!!! I sure wish I could win the lottery (if I played)!!

    We are going to get a top of the line system w/the built in filter and the ultra vilot light which kills mold spors. This should help me a lot w/my allergies! It's just as cheap to get the better system due to all the rebates we can get from the gas co., furnace co. and the governement!

    We have a few more quotes to get, but we will probably go w/the co. that was here today. They have a really good BBB report and they have their own employees, not contractors. They also guarantee 100% satisfaction for the first year or they will remove the system and refund all your money.

    Oh the joys of home ownership! We had a brand new house when we got ours. That 20 years sure has gone fast! Now everything is needed repair ro replacement!
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