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Help need booking suggestions

Aug 16, 2005
I am a new consultant and had 6 initial bookings, of the 6 I am now down to
3. I have 2 next weekend and 1 said that she has 2 people that are interested in booking a show.
I am new to the area so I do not know alot of people. I have put several flyers out and the mini catalogs all over the neighborhood but, nothing.
Does anyone have any suggestions? :confused:


Aug 24, 2005
Try to get those two to commit prior to the show and you will go into that show with much more confidence. You can also throw in comments directly to them during your demo, like showing a higher priced item (I love to use the stainless steel bowls) and saying, "Ann, when we have your show, you might think about choosing this as one of your 1/2 price items." I'm amazed at the psychology of booking works...if people know somebody has already booked with you, they somehow feel safer booking their own show.

Also go to your 3 prior hosts and ask if they can refer you to anyone. Call the guests from those shows and ask how their PC products are performing for them. Tell them how much their host received and ask if they are interested in booking. Are you married? Is there anyone at your husband's office who you could reach out to? What about family/friends in other areas? Catalog shows almost never get more bookings, but while you're starting out, getting the sales is good!

Have you made your list of 100 from the recipe for success? Start working your way through asking those people.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I think the List of 100 is key. Even if it's been awhile since you've looked at it....pull it out again. I try to remind myself to do that, even 2 1/2 years later. I also think asking people directly about bookings instead of just throwing out there "I'd love your help in starting my business" gets a little more of a response.

I have had good luck with basically being a walking advertisement. My PC bag has the window on the outside and lots of people see my catalog in there. I wear tshirts with PC stuff and have a magnet on my car. Lately that seems to be getting me some good business. Now when I give out a catalog to someone who asks me right then and there, I have them fill out a drawing slip (which I have with me). It think I got that idea off this website. I tell them that for every 20 I give away and get the drawing slips for, I'll draw a prize. So far I've only done that once and the woman wanted to book a show. PLUS when I got home (I didn't actually look at her slip there....she worked at a kids' clothing store where I was shopping), I looked and it said "YES" she wanted info on becoming a consultant! That never would have happened if I didn't do the drawing slip thing. I'm still playing phone tag with her to chat some more, so we'll see if something comes out of it.

I also booked a catalog show with a woman at the Weight Watchers center I go to. She saw my shirt, ordered something, then decided she wanted to do a catalog show. All because of my shirt! And I got a recruit from my car magnet basically. I say be a walking billboard and be approachable!! :)
Jun 8, 2005
I know how you feel

When I first joined up, I had 5 shows schedueled, of which 2 ended up cancelling! I got no bookings from my first 2 shows, but I got 2 from my third. I am also newly returned to the area where I grew up, so my "list of 100" was pretty thin. What really helped me was having 1 or 2 people who were really willing to go out of thier way to help me find bookings (a good friend and a relative).
See if any of the people doing the 3 shows are willing to really help push your business...if they'll ask around, seek out other people to book, find out friends of friends, that sort of thing.
I know it can seem pretty precarious, but when you start doing more shows, getting at least one, maybe two bookings at each, things will start to feel more secure.
Good luck!!