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Help! Host keeps playing musical dates!!

Jan 29, 2006
So this weekend I booked a show with a friend. She said "oh any day is fine with me, we're always here." So I booked her for Saturday the 18th. I took her list of names home and filled out all her invitations and stamped them all, and was ready to mail them when I get an email from her today. Apparently St Patrick's Day is "big" in her neighborhood so now she doesn't want to do it that weekend and that maybe she should just do a book show. I really need this to be a cooking show so I don't want to give up just yet, ya know? I had a crappy February and need a good March.

I emailed her back and suggested that we bounce a few dates back and forth and try to see what other date we could agree on. I gave her two dates. She turned me both down saying neither of the days were good for her (Monday night, Thursday night). Now it just seems as though she's blowing me off. What should I do?

Should I just agree to let her do a book show and coach the crap outta her or should I keep "pushing" for another date for a cooking show? I'm frustrated at this point and need some quick encouragement.



Keeping the date

I would first make sure she understands the difference in a cooking show and a catalog show. I don't know what the differences are in free product for your averages but my cooking show hostesses generally receive about $50-$65 more in free products and one more half-price item. Find out what her goals are and let her know the best way to reach those is a cooking show. Tell her that her friends will have a whole lot more fun learning cooking tips and a new recipe than they will ordering from a catalog.

If this is a close friend you may explain to her why you would benefit from having this be a cooking show as well.

Of course if she still want's to do a catalog show then by all means take the show! I've found there are some people that just don't ever get around to having an in home party but can still pull off a great catalog show.

Good luck!



Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
It takes all kinds....

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Unfortunately not all our experiences with hosts can be wonderful or pleasurable. I have had my fair share of rude, inconsiderate, lying, etc types of hosts...but I have also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful women who I really enjoyed working with.
It seems that this women might have had a chance to cool off from her excitement of hosting a show. Unfortunately many people are excited about their own shows at a kitchen show or after hearing about the beneifts but after a while goes by they seem to not really want to bother with it.
Well considering all the wonderful benefits for our hosts, it will be her loss if she completely blows you off. Maybe try this:
Try asking when is a good time for her to meet you somewhere for about 30 min. (coffee, cafe, her favorite restaurant, her house or if you're comfortable your house) where you can sit down and talk about benefits. If not then try to explain over the phone how much more successful kitchen shows are, but if all else fails a catalog show would be good too. Tell her that you blocked off that day for her and you understand things come up but you really need to get a date on the calendar so no one else takes it from her. Sometimes it is easier to not work with someone than going through all the trouble a person will put you through for one show. I hope it works out and she at least does a catalog show for you. People sometimes think that since it's our personal business we can afford to get cancellations, rebookings, and the run around from people. As if we have hundreds of women lined up to do shows, or we don't mind losing our commission. Hope this helps.
Jan 29, 2006
Yes, thank you both for replying. I didn't respond to her tonight, I just don't know exactly what to say to her. She lives an hour + away and doesn't drive so it'd be difficult for me to meet her someplace...I think I'll just have to gather all my confidence and call her. I'm way overly emotional lately (thanks to preggo hormones, lol :rolleyes: ) and just needed a little time to regroup before "confronting" her.

I just didn't expect this from her and am disappointed. But you're right--it takes all kinds to make the world go round! :cool: