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Hello!I am new here and have my first show this Saturday with my


Advanced Member
Apr 18, 2006
I am new here and have my first show this Saturday with my girlfriend from work as my host. She used to sell tupperware and asked if we could do a game, maybe to boost any bookings.
As it stands now, I have in addition, my own open house and another book party, and thats it.
We came up with maybe using a box and having tickets in it which would read,
book cooking show (2)
book catalog party (2)
pick free prize (?)
get free recipe (?)
pick free grand prize (1) Up to a $13.00 value.

So there it is. Now I'll let everyone else give me some input and go from there. Thank you so much!


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Feb 17, 2006
First, welcom to chefsuccess, I am sure you will find a ton of info here! Secondly, I would do more tickets for a cooking show, say 5 and 2 tickets for a catalog show...cooking shows almost always have bigger sales. You can also do a search in the files section and you will find a ton on different types of games.

Good luck!


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Dec 1, 2005
There is a game on here called queen of shoppers. It is a scavenger hunt in the catalog. I like it because it doesn't take too much time, but gets people excited and yelling. Make sure that you update the Fall/Winter (change page numbers and erase products we don't have anymore. I also added new ones for cookware and other products I wanted to highlight) or find one that is already made for Spring/Summer. I will look for mine and try to post it. Good luck and welcome to Chef Success!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


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Dec 1, 2005
It was easier to find than I thought! I had it in my word processor. I made the new product ones up myself, so some are stretching it, but it just adds to the sillyness!


Queen of the Shoppers 2006 Spring/ Summer

Let’s play a game, with this gift I will part,
If you were the first guest to arrive, that’s where it will start!
You thought this gift was meant for you, but I have another idea or two.

So let‘s get started, what could be greater?
Except getting the gift, by finding the Easy Accent Decorator! (39)

This product is so useful, I just can’t wait,
For you to see all the features of the Ultimate Slice and Grate (13)

No more sharp edges, no more of those cuts,
The Smooth-Edge Can opener has just the right touch (26)

Flip through the pages you can win I bet,
If you can find our must-have stainless steel bowl set (29)

For beef and chicken, yeast or candy
The Digital Thermometer will be quite handy! (31)

Thanksgiving means turkey, carrots, potatoes and gravy
Throw all them into our roasting pan if you want to be lazy (?)

A little one and a big one that’s wide as some tunnels,
In blue and green comes our flexible funnels (?)

One batch, two batches, three batches, four, that’s what our
Stackable Cooling Racks are for (40)

They will flatter your kitchen, they look good even wet,
2 trendy Spring colors surround the Tattersall Towel Set (25)

From cupcakes to sheet cakes there is nothing better
than our easy-to use 3 ½ inch Small Spreader! (27)

This party is fun I am so glad that we met!
But right now find the Simple Additions Entertaining Set (10)

You can’t find these elsewhere, I really must share,
The unmatchable qualities of our executive cookware! (19/ 20)

Now to the person who finds our Food Chopper
You keep the gift as you’re the “Queen of the Shoppers”! (13)


Advanced Member
Apr 18, 2006
Thanks for all the great iders! I'll keep reading and keep in touch. I'm definately going to do something, I WANT people to remember how much fun they had at my parties!