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Giver wants bride to open presents at Pampered Chef Bridal Shower


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Apr 14, 2004
How about setting it up on your website? Put in the bride's name as the host; then have the person inviting tell people to go to the website to order their gifts by three (four?) weeks before and then you can send the orders in, have them shipped to the host, and have them there for the day of the shower! You can choose some of the items on the wish list that aren't selected using the points that accumulate.

Then, on the day of the shower, you'd do a brief demo, welcome orders for anything they'd like for their kitchen (or those who didn't get around to ordering for the bride yet), and it would be an easy day for you!


I do the bridal show where they order at the show, with this twist I got from Ana Lewis: as they get something to eat, they come choose what they want to order for themselves and for the bride. I then ask them to

1) write on a piece of bridal stationary that I bring (Office Max,
inexpensive)-- a little note of congratulations to the bride and what they are giving her. Then they sign and put their name and address. They roll this into a scroll and tie with some tuille ribbon (inexpensive from Michael's and you can re-use it). Then everyone sits around the bride, and she opens her "gifts" (the scrolls). This way they can see the bride as she happily reads their note and sees what they gave her, and the bride can begin her Thank You notes right away.

2) they fill out a prize slip at the same time as they order, and the prize is usually given to the bride. And I get booking and recruit leads, which is great, and a very tasteful way of doing it at a bride show.

Maybe the host would consider this type of show since the bride still gets to open something, and it is still done at the show.

Virginia Bettis


Jan 4, 2005
Gift Opening

I take a corkboard with me to my bridal shows which I have placed cut outs of all of the items on the bride's wish list. After the presentation the guests choose items from the board and make out their orders. After everyone is done, the bride (opens) her gifts..the cutouts as someone writes down the products given on the gift ledger. This seems to work and it lets the bride see the gifts she has recieved.