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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Fundraiser ???

  1. PamperedChef05

    PamperedChef05 Novice Member

    Does anyone have a flyer on file for a hand out to schools? also I want to make a donation to a School fundraiser as a prize, any suggestions on that?
    Please let me know
  2. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    I have a gift certificate I use for whatever they want to use. They recently had a silent auction. They used the homemade gift certificate as one of the items in the silent auction. I also donated some products as well.

    The other thing I did was to have a kitchen show sign up. If they signed up, I donated $20 to the school.

    Here is the homemade gift certificate I use. I like the homemade ones cause they have to see me to redeem them.

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  3. Nan


    Help Fight Breast Cancer and Earn Money for your School

    I made flyers and brought them to a PTO meeting and basically told them what I wanted to do and how it would work, I also did a spreadsheet to show how much money the school would make on each product. I increased the product amount (to cover shipping and increase the % the school would receive). They were very happy to let me do what I wanted to do. I then did a front and back of a flyer with the "HELP WHIP CANCER" product and picked out other product that I thought would sell (nothing sharp...they could become weapons) so that I could help two causes! There are over 900 children in the school and the flyers were handed out 4/25/05 and are due back the first week in May! I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome!

    E-mail me if you want a copy as I couldn't download it onto the system

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2005
    Apr 27, 2005
  4. DebbieSM

    DebbieSM Member

    I think that is a great idea! I am going to e-mail you for that flyer. I have been looking for ideas. I'm new with pampered chef, but I want to look at every way to increase business.
    Thanks for the idea.
    May 3, 2005
  5. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    School Flyer

    I have been searching for a school fundraiser flyer and really couldn't find one to fit my needs. So last night, I was reading the boards and saw Jenn's awesome invitations :) and I loved the backdrop she used! I erased all of the wording and immediately turned it into a fundraiser flyer! I spent all night on it and I am going to present it to the school today! I am very excited about doing a fundraiser! I am in SS 2 and just released from the hospital following thyroid surgery. I will doing the fundraiser a week and a half after but I think it will be good to get moving again(as if I'm not already, chasing after my 3 kids, 4,2,10 months! :p ). I really want to earn my month 2 pkg as well as my stoneware bonus!!! The school let me know about it a week ago but finally told me that they definitely want to do it as of yesterday! So know I am trying to organize this, which will be a kitchen show for everyone! Does anyone have any tips? I was thinking about having a huge demo on potatoes and just show off the tools and let the guests demo the tools themselves! What do you think?
    Thanks for your help!

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    May 4, 2005
  6. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    Your fundraiser flyer is awesome. However, I thought the organization can only earn up to 15% of sales + the booking incentive. Where is the other 15% coming from? Is it the commission you will donate if they have 3 shows?

    May 4, 2005
  7. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Thanks! Yes, I am donating my 15% commission if I get at least 3 kitchen shows booked. I told them that I will give my commission once those shows are held and closed! They told me today that there are about 400 students that will be participating? I don't know how that is going to happen when we are throwing this together in less than a week! We'll see, it's on monday!
    May 4, 2005
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