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IS THIS POSSIBLE?? How can I do it??


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Mar 2, 2007
Okay so I'm not going to lie I am like just shy of 22,000 points away from earning San Diego. I NEVER thought I'd earn it...clearly I'm only half way there. HOWEVER, I started to do some math and I may be super close?? I have two big fundraisers going out this week and closing the first week of December. Its for 300 kids!? With my sales and my new recruit qualifying I think I could get to like 15,000 points away. Is it possible these two fundraisers for 300 kids could be that big?? Anyone have suggestions how I can push it more? Or what I can do to get more points? Earning this trip would be SOOO huge right now for me! I think it could be what I need to earn to really help my husband see what I'm capable of in my business and really be more supportive of me. I've been doing this for 7 years and I've NEVER been this close! ANY IDEAS to help?? I'd sooo appreciate it!

I am doing letters each week to put in the kids take home folders. So the first will go out before thanksgiving that says
JUST A THOUGHT! Bring Fundraiser Packets to Thanksgiving Dinner and help raise money for (school). Enjoy attached recipe. (Attached recipe says don't know what to do with leftover turkey try this recipe! And it's the Creamy One Pot Pasta with Turkey.) 2nd letter to go out first week of December just before fundraiser closes will be of the $10 and under flyer PC has on CC...showing little gift ideas. And my note will say JUST A THOUGHT! Pampered Chef makes GREAT gift ideas...whether it's for your teacher, mailman, Mothers, Grandmothers...and help raise money for (school).

I'm hoping this will be my way to ensure people AREN'T forgetting about this fundraiser and really thinking of placing orders themselves and putting out there for other orders to help raise money for their school. (BTW this school is my sons elementary school...so I'm one of those parents who will be pushing this fundraiser ;)) I've also made the incentive of the child who sells the most in sales gets a $50 gc to Toys R Us and the 2nd highest a $25 gc...plus doing an Ice Pop Party for the class that sells the most. SOO I'm hoping this will all help with the sales..

SOO Back to the Point...Is earning this trip possible??

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?