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Fundraiser Like a Bridal Show??


Oct 16, 2005
I was approached by a volunteer at the local girls home who told me that the home is very strapped for money and would love to do some kind of fundraiser. I have a questions:

The Kitchen for the home needs new stuff, but they do not have the money to buy it. I read on here I think on the Bridal show threads that when guest buy gifts for the bride to input all the orders under the grooms name. My thought was to do a demonstration fundraiser and have some kind of "gift tree" with pictures and prices of what the girls home would like to have and make a seperate order maybe under the directors name to allow them to earn the 10-15% and get some new stuff themselves.

Has anyone ever had a situation like this?

Do you think it will work?

I also want to use my website to collect orders too. I'm trying to get as many people to it as possible.



Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
That sounds like a great way to have it work for the organization to maximize their benefits!
Feb 3, 2005
What a great idea!!

That is a great idea! In my "day job" I work with group homes and shelters...I think I may bring this idea to them! Let me know how it works out.


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Oct 7, 2005
flyer, benefit day, etc.

A flyer may do wonders for something like this.. Maybe, if you can't do one, the girls' home can do one up. Like a benefit fundraiser or something. Since it's to benefit a non-profit organization, maybe you could set up a table at a local Wal-Mart or grocery store, or even in your mall. (check policies to make sure it's ok) That way, you could reach more people. Even if you only hand out flyers/biz cards and maybe some mini-catalogs, you're getting the "event" out there and publicizing it. Place an ad in the local newspaper (i believe this is a expense that you can claim on your taxes!), or have the girls' home put an ad in the paper (they might get a better deal for a bigger space, being a non-profit community establishment). Ask the local schools if you can send home a flyer with the kids (to give to the parents). And remember, if someone doesn't want to buy anything through PC for the home, you can always take monetary donations and the staff of the girls' home can decide whether they want to spend the $ on more PC orders or if they need it for other things. it could be a really big thing for these girls!

Also, (ding! idea!) is this girls' home a recognized thing in the neighborhood? could you do like a day where you set up a big display of products (maybe borrowing products from other consultants in your area, or your director) in the home or in a local church/library/fire hall and have some appetizers available for people who come.. the girls can help you make them, so they're getting involved. then, you could do an "auction" [with monopoly money of course!].. i've seen people talk about them on here. (i found one file in the file section here, titled "auction") or a 50/50 raffle, with all proceeds going to the girls' home for needed expenses. Maybe you could get the help of your church, but even just the girls' helping out would probably work. And it would get them interested/used to using the PC products which would help people to see that they're going to get used--not just sit in the kitchen and collect dust.

Just some ideas. Hope you get some awesome sales so these girls can get some AWESOME rewards!

God bless!