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Pampered Chef: Host Coaching Feel Like my Host is ignoring me!!

  1. I have a host that I need to close out her show but I can't get a hold of her. I have her order and everyone else but I don't have the money. I don't have enough to cover it and since its a some what of a high amount that is owed I don't want to send it until I get it. I was out for a few days due to a death in the family and befor that she was sick so she didn't want to talk. Last night I called her and she asked if she could call me back and I said sure. Then 1 hour later nothing so I called her back and left a message. I am going out of town agian this weekend! Her show was the last day in Sept and I still have sent it! I need adivice.

    Oct 21, 2005
  2. Mom4kanda

    Mom4kanda Member

    Do you have anyone's money from this show?

    If you do, you are allowed by lw to say that I need to close this show and place these orders. "I can not keep anyone's funds more that 30 days it is considered fraud and I can be sued."

    That's should get here to respond, of course say this sweetly :p
    Oct 21, 2005
  3. PamperedCrum

    PamperedCrum Novice Member

    Wow, is that true, about fraud??

    I have a similar situation. The hostess says she mailed me a check, and it never arrived. So then she said she'd mail another one earlier this week. I was dumb and didn't verify that she had the correct address.

    In the meantime, I need to get this show submitted! And yes, I have checks from some of her guests.

    I don't like to deposit checks until I've submitted the show (or I'm about to). It feels like I'm taking their money without ordering their products. How do other folks handle it??
    Nov 16, 2005
  4. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    I deposit the $$ as soon as I get it. Because I've had people bounce checks to me. It takes my bank about 2 weeks to completely clear a check, so I deposit it within a day or so. I also don't want to carry their $$ around with me.
    Nov 16, 2005
  5. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member


    I received some valuable advice when I first started my business 3 years ago: Don't assume you are the center of your hosts world. Things happen as we know and as you explained. Never assume someone is avoiding you. She might have had an emergency or maybe she just fell asleep! I have learned to always think on the postive in this business. I know it can be hard dealing with people like this. It makes you want to yell "what's wrong with you?" But of course, we can't! So we bite our tongues and be as cordial as we can.

    HOWEVER, end of September? You realize it is too late for the September specials I hope. You would have had to submit those by October 31. And, that does seem ridiculous. I would suggest as the others did, contact her and use the "fraud" issue. This usally gets their attention. I would also call all of the people who placed an order and let them know that you are still waiting on payment for the show. This will help you with future relations with these customers.

    And I NEVER NEVER submit a show without payment. I submitted a $500 show when I first started because I was going for a SS and I needed this in before the end of the month. Well, I NEVER received payment, and I NEVER got the products back! Talk about an expensive lesson! So my advice is to never submit a show without having payment in full.
    Nov 17, 2005
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