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Exploring Pampered Chef: Understand the Pros and Cons of Becoming a Consultant

the business what you put in. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to make things work, but it's definitely worth it in the end!

I am very interested in becoming part of PC since I love to cook/bake. I called my consultant and left a message to get info on how to be a consultant. What I would like to know is what are the down sides of this business. I have 3 active small boys and a husband who's never home (due to work). I read through all the messages posted on this wonderful site and read all the ups, but again I need to know the downs. Another question, how hard is it to get bookings and on average how many kitchen shows do you guys do?. Please tell me I must know so I can convince my hubby.

I know where you are coming from - I have 3 small kids, a daughter, 5, a son, 3, and another son, 1. We have softball, soccer, swimming, dancing...the list goes on...My hubby works a lot of hours as well - usually 60-70/week and sometimes more.

Thankfully, I have a great network of family that I can call on to babysit and help out in that area.

Let's see, the downside...
Bookings can be difficult to get - they just don't fall out of the sky. But, like anything, you get out what you put in. What's made a tremendous difference to me, is getting on the phone. I cannot emphasize how important customer care calls are.

Getting discouraged too easily - don't let a bad show/week/month get you down. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.

I do anywhere from 2-6 shows a month, and would love to be doing 8-10. That's my goal.

I love the fact that I work when I want. And I have a great time. That's the biggest reason that I get it a shot - the social aspect.

I have gotten so much from such a small initial investment.
Hi! I was also in your shoes about 6 months ago. I was fine sitting home playing with my 3 small kids (4,2,1~2 boys then got my little girl :) ) and then I had a PC show and my consultant had asked if I was interested. I wasn't at all but when I looked through the catalog, I wanted everything and I thought Why not give it a shot when I can get free stuff and a paycheck at the same time. I signed up on Feb 28th and haven't looked back since. I LOVE seeing the UPS man pull up with the FREE stuff I've earned and getting out of the house a few times a month.
You do have to put yourself out there and invest some money for the business part of the business but I do think that I went a little overboard at first. You also have to put yourself out of your comfort zone and ask everyone you come into contact with. If only I did that I would probably do a lot better. :) I find that the shows that have a higher show sales have more bookings then the lower show numbers.
I do about 2-3 kitchen shows a month but I'm happy with that because I like to spend my time with kids and hubby. My husband has been very supportive but does work over 50 hours a week. I have family watch my kids and I think it's great b/c they are getting some bonding time in with the kids and the kids are getting to know their grandparents better.
If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me and I would LOVE to help you get your business started! It truly is a wonderful company to work for and if you already love to cook/bake, you're going to wonder how you worked so well in the kitchen without all the PC tools! :)
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Hi there!
That's great that you're giving this business some consideration! You've come to the right place! I think you get a pretty good picture of the ups and downs here. There are struggles with getting bookings from time to time, as well as finding the time to do all you need/want to do with your business when you've got small kids and/or a job on the side. I have both (kids are 3 and 10 months) and luckily my job ISN'T full time. I just plug the PC work in when I can. I agree that the phone needs to be your friend! It really helps to get your name in front of past and potential customers.

You do get out of it what you put in it. I believe that. But the nice thing about this job is that when you need to put it on the back burner, you can! Last year I moved twice, built a house and had a baby and my business still kept going. Although my 4 or so months during the most hectic time with all of that I didn't have lots of shows, BUT I didn't want to have lots of shows either. I couldn't have had that flexibility with any other job.

My main advice is to at least give it a try! You never know unless you try. I pleasantly found that I had some skills I had NO idea were deep in there somewhere. I used to be a very shy person. This has really helped me come out of my shell. I cook SO much more than I used to - and I enjoy it! I've had great satisfaction watching my business grow and, now, watching my recruits' businesses grow. I love sharing the opportunity with others-something I never thought I'd enjoy or even want to do. Now that is the most rewarding part for me because I know what a difference PC has made in MY life.

I could go on and on, but my post is getting too long already. Unfortunately I think I'm infamous for long posts, but I can't help it! Anyway, I'd love to answer any questions or help you in the decision process any way I can. Please feel free to contact me via email if you'd like. If you're not already working with a consultant, I'd love to help you consider all the pros and cons and I can give you whatever input you'd like. Congrats on considering it!! One thing I would recommend for both you and your husband....read Doris Christopher's new book that just came out! Learning the history behind this awesome company (that REALLY helps to make the consultant job SO easy) is so amazing. Especially if your husband needs to see that this is a very successful and stable business. I know a lot of husbands think it's just a "flash in the pan" but it's not and this company is here to stay. It also really stresses the importance of family and providing opportunities for families in so many ways, especially giving women (and men too :) ) ways to contribute to income, feel the satisfaction of watching something THEY create grow, allowing you to be home with kids, the list goes on and on! Good luck to you!
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I couldn't have said it better myself! I signed up 6 months ago as well and never looked back!! You sure have come to the right place to see what others have to say. We all have different stories and reasons of why we signed up. And the beauty in that is you will see that with all the different situations, PC fits right in with them all! Talk to your consultant and tell her/him your concerns as well. There is no such thing as "perfect" - but so far, this job is perfect for me. And without repeating what everyone has covered - the pro's outweigh the cons by far. My advice to you would be after you find out all the information you need, sit down with your husband and talk to him about this opportunity for you. It's too good to just pass up! Good luck to you!!
I too have 3 small boys at home. If someone had told me 2 years ago that I needed adult time I would have told them that they were nuts. I didn't need that... I wasn't that selfish! Boy was I wrong!!! I would not give up my show time or meeting time for the world. I have figured out that I can still relate to adults and that they even like me. WOW!

The recognition and praise I get from my cluster has become adictive and I can't imagine my life now without these sincere pats on the back. These are things that you just don't get very often at home.

I think the ladies touched on all of the "downsides" that I have experienced. Have control of your calender (only book shows when you can do them and don't sacifice something that your family has planned for a booking. Hosts will book on the dates that you have available if you are firm and conistent about when you can do shows. Also, when you first start, as tempting as it is to buy business supplies galore, start with what comes in your kit first to make sure that this is going to work for you before you invest lots of $.

Hopefully we can welcome you to the PC family soon.

Good Luck!
I also have two young children 2-5 , my husband works crazy hours he is a police officer. I was scared when i signed over a year ago that i wasnt going to have enough time. That is the thing i learned about this buisness , it is mine and it is what i make it. I have a couple shows a month i earn all the Free promotions :D and a paycheck ! Plus i get a few nights or afternnons out ! I love it !
I would have to say the downside like they all have said is sometimes the booking can be slow.You have to work for them, you have to make those phone calls and follow up. Talk , talk , talk, you have children in all sorts of activitys so you are lucky ! You have a whole bunch of contacts allready for possible hosts ! Fundraisers for your childrens teams or schools !
I always carry catalogs and buisness cards you never know who you will bump into ! I leave my info any where they will let me !
I say do it! I was so glad my recruiter asked me! I had never even considered until she asked at my show. I thought about it, she called me the next morning whithin a few days i signed !
This web site is also the best tool i have so far ! You will learn so much from this awesome group of people ! Good luck !! ;)
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I made the big jump!!I am so excited, I just signed up. You are reading a posting from a brand new consultant. I can hardly wait to get started. I have my first meeting with my director on wed. I just wanted to let everybody know how excited I feel. YeeHa!!!
Congratulations and welcome!! We'll be looking to hear of your success in the business!! :D
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Congratulations!! :D
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Great! That is so exciting. Congratulations for making such a great decision!
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Congratulations! Welcome to the family! :)
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Good for you! Sometimes you just need to "do it"! Wishing you all the best~ :)

1. What is Pampered Chef?

Pampered Chef is a direct sales company that primarily focuses on selling kitchen tools and cooking products. They offer a variety of high-quality kitchen products, as well as recipes and cooking tips.

2. What does it mean to be a Pampered Chef consultant?

A Pampered Chef consultant is an independent sales representative who sells Pampered Chef products through in-home parties, online sales, and other events. Consultants are responsible for building and maintaining their own business, and earn a commission on their sales.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a Pampered Chef consultant?

Some potential benefits of becoming a Pampered Chef consultant include the ability to work from home, flexible hours, and the opportunity to earn extra income. Additionally, consultants have access to discounted products and can earn rewards and incentives for their sales and business growth.

4. What are the drawbacks of becoming a Pampered Chef consultant?

Some potential drawbacks of becoming a Pampered Chef consultant include the need to invest time and effort into building and maintaining a business, the need to constantly find new customers and host parties, and the initial cost of purchasing a starter kit.

5. What skills or qualifications are needed to become a successful Pampered Chef consultant?

To be successful as a Pampered Chef consultant, it is helpful to have good communication and sales skills, as well as a passion for cooking and kitchen products. Additionally, being organized, self-motivated, and able to network and build relationships can also contribute to success as a consultant.

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