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Pampered Chef: HELP! potential recruit lives in Michigan

  1. heatherstobbs

    heatherstobbs Gold Member

    I have a friend I went to high school with in south Texas who now lives in Michigan. She is extremely interested in the business, and actually, the distance (Michigan to Texas) is not the issue..... here is her concern (which I have no idea how to answer)...

    Her husband is the manager/superintendent of some properties, and is often called out during the winter months b/c of the snow, ice, etc. to take care of things with the properties. She does not have family or many friends up there. She has a 7yr old and 9 yr old. So...... what do those of you that live in places where the weather can cause problems do when there is inclement weather, but you have a show scheduled? Basically, she is unsure about how to handle the winter weather and juggle her show schedule.

    Any input? This issue is pretty much the only thing that is keeping her from becoming a consultant.
  2. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    How the weather affects her ability to get to shows will depend on what type of area she lives in. I'm in a densely populated urban/suburban area (Detroit metro), and snow rarely completely closes roadways, although it can greatly reduce the number of invited guests who show up at a party. If she's in a more rural setting, then roads may not be cleared as quickly after a snow.

    One thing that my team has suggested in the past, is to have a snow plan in place for Jan-Feb shows. If there is heavy snow, guests can call in their orders so that nobody has to drive on treacherous roads. There are free conference call services, too, that you can utilize so that you can do a basic booking/recruiting talk to everyone at once.
    Oct 5, 2009
  3. elizabethfox

    elizabethfox Advanced Member Gold Member

    We live on a dirt rd, that is the last to get plowed, but I have never had an issue getting to my shows. We either reschedule or turn it into a catalog show if the weather is too bad for people to come.
    Oct 5, 2009
  4. You reschedule if you're able or turn it into a catalog party.

    I live in Maine. we keep going until we can't go anymore.

    if bad weather is scheduled, maybe move the time of the party ahead of time. Like, instead of a 7pm show, move it to earlier in the day if the forecast is for evening snow.

    Maybe do a video chat with all the guests?

    I just don't see it as being a major problem, I guess. I'm used to having to work around snow.
  5. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    I don't see it as an issue either.

    In 7 winters of shows, I've only had one (that I can remember) show cancel because of weather. We Michiganders are a pretty tough bunch, and it has to be pretty much a blizzard before we stay home. :D
    Oct 8, 2009
  6. Kathy's_Kitchen

    Kathy's_Kitchen Advanced Member Gold Member

    Being from Iowa and now living in Texas, I have to laugh every time a light dusting of snow comes and the whole state practically shuts down!

    So, don't worry, Heather, you'll probably have to cancel more shows due to snow than your potential recruit will!
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