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Pampered Chef: Doing a search

  1. ChefPaulaB

    ChefPaulaB Veteran Member

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so I apologize if this isn't the right place... Every time I try to find a previous thread or info on something, I have a really hard time, and I know that other people are having the same problem. For instance, I was looking for a thread on the grilling basket, I remember reading about several shrimp marinades for it recently, and wanted to find it, but when I put in "grill basket" I get every thread that says "grill" or "basket" in it, but the ones with "grill basket" are few and far between. Which probably explains why there are so many repeat threads... can someone please explain to me and everyone else how to put a search in to find exactly what you want... please!!! I know that if I put in a new thread with that in the title box there are usually some down at the bottom of the screen, but you actually have to post a new thread to get those... there must be another way... right? Thanks for any help!
    May 19, 2009
  2. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    I don't use the search functionality that's built into the forum software. Use Google instead. Put "site:chefsuccess.com" as the first operator, and then include as much as you know, including the name of the subforum (since it shows at the top of each thread page). For instance, to search for this thread, I'd use:
    site:chefsuccess.com search quick tips

    And if you know that it's a thread you've posted in, or know the username of someone who did post in it, include their username as well.
    May 19, 2009
  3. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Ann, you're a genius.
    May 19, 2009
  4. AnnieBee

    AnnieBee Veteran Member Gold Member

    It also works if you just put

    chefsuccess: "grill basket"

    (or whatever you are searching for...) in the google search bar. I just did this to find the vanilla cake recipe that I knew I had posted, but couldn't remember when...
    May 19, 2009
  5. ChefPaulaB

    ChefPaulaB Veteran Member

    Cool! Thanks! That helps a ton!!!
    May 19, 2009
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