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Do you use a booking binder?

Jan 11, 2006
Hi there
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for a booking binder. If you use one, what things do you put in it.
I do not have one but was thinking :rolleyes: of putting the current host special, guest special and the next months specials. Also I was going to put an open date list (dates that I want to book a show) and examples of three sales receipts showing different amounts of free products you can get by booking etc...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Sep 7, 2005
I have 3!

A theme binder, host rewards binder and PC opp binder that I put out when I remember to! :p

The theme binder consists of all the flyers compilated from the "theme show extravaganza" thread posted plus I searched through every single File in the files section to create one big binder full of themes! I should use it more but dont' remember 1/2 the time! :rolleyes: It took me many hours of searching when I first discovered Chef success. Maybe it will pay off when I start using it!
Jun 12, 2005
I use one binder for everthing. It includes host/guest specials for upcoming months, host benefits flyer, bridal flyer, and fundraiser flyer. Plus I put recruiting info (including the PC inserts) as well as any consultant specials in the back. On the front is any recruiting specials, or whatever I feel is important at the time (including a picture of my son!). On the back I keep my best paycheck so they can see how profitable this job can be! HTH! ;)
Apr 13, 2005
mine is the same.....one all purpose binder !!! Love that good paycheck in the back view window !!! October was an awesome month for me last fall.....but still no recruits from it !