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Discolored basting brush?

Nov 11, 2005
Hi All!

A customer has a basting brush that has become discolored on the end of the brush (yellowish). Nothing has helped to get rid of it. She asked if that was ok? Thanks for your input!

Becky, TX


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Hope this helps

Found this on a website, it worked for me:

To clean basting brushes, use hot water and a cleaning detergent, washing and rinsing thorougly when cleaning. Some brushes will have openings where bristles connect to the handle or in areas around the brush and bristle connection where bacteria can begin to grow. In an effort to remove these open areas around the bristles, some brushes have bristles sealed with epoxy where the bristles are adjoined to the handle. To assist with keeping bacteria from developing in crevices and open areas where food can become trapped, soak and clean the brush in a water and bleach solution, using a pint of water with a half of cap full of bleach. Allow the brush to soak and be cleaned in this solution for almost a minute in order to attempt to remove and cleanse any impurities that may cause bacteria to form.