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Sales Deep Covered Baker Combo

Jul 18, 2009
Can someone explain to me what the Deep Covered Baker Combo is? I'm assuming you are grouping items together and throwing in a free gift. Can you please tell me what you're combining and what you're adding on for free?



Mar 31, 2009
I followed someone else's idea, but basically the set I offer includes:
DCB, Salad Chopper, one rub, one SBC, which totals $99.00 - as the free gift, I offer the Pocket Thermometer.
The old thermometer is only $11.50 but the new one is going to be $16.50. Someone suggested changing the free gift to the RUFTH trivet (the new one) since it is designed for the DCB to sit on it; I think it is around $13.00.
Some consultants offer free shipping, some free shipping if a show is booked, some offer 10% off the price of the bundle instead of a free gift.