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Cookware for Glass Top Electric Cook Stove



I use my Pampered Chef Professional Cookware on my glass top cookstove. You just follow the directions that come with your stove --- wipe up any spills immediately, don't scrape the pan across the top of the stove, lift it to move it, etc.

Ruth Mescher
Independent Kitchen Consultant


I have a ceramic cooktop (I don't know if that's what you mean, but it's flat and scratches easily if there is any sugar or salt spilled)

I have used different brands of cookware some have damaged the surface, some haven't. Avoid anything that has metal rings on the bottom...I don't know how to explain it, but if you run your finger on the bottom, you can feel the ridges. Food gets trapped between the rings and can scratch the surface.

In my honest opinion, the BEST Pampered Chef cookware piece for this stove is the Family Skillet in the Professional Cookware line -- Item #2764. I have not seen nor tried Generation II, so I can't tell how the bottom of the pans are, but Professional Cookware has a flat bottom and is ceramic top friendly (so far). The only drawback is that it's HEAVY. My hubby can do the wrist action thing and flip food in it, but I can't. Still, I love that handle on the opposite end.

If you have the 4-burner stove or the 3-burner with the one burner that has the extended part --it kinda looks like this:


the Double Burner Griddle is FANTASTIC for cooking Sunday morning breakfast for the whole family. Time it correctly and you can make "silver dollar" pancakes, eggs, and sausages all at the same time and in one pan! Nothing gets cold wating on the plate while you heat up another breakfast item.


Professional cookware

I also have a ceran cook top. The PC professional cookware is what I use. It has a perfectly flat bottom, that's exactly what works best on a smooth top. One thing...plain aluminum cookware cannot be used on a smooth top. The aluminum will mark it terribly. The PC professional series is aluminum-oxide so it is safe on these stoves.


Light dawns...

:eek: I just had a "Doh!" moment

Thanks Karen,

It never occured to me that the light aluminim pans may have been the cause of the "pitting" outside the heating element ring on my cooktop. I know the ridged-bottomed frying pans scraped up my cooktop, but I had dimple-like things on the left back area of my stove -- the one I always cooked noodles on. Looking back, I remember the pot "jumping" from the rapidly boiling water.

Michelle <--slapping myself on the head