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Pampered Chef: Caramel Sprinkles

  1. Lifeat50

    Lifeat50 Member

    I am looking for recipe ideas for the Caramel Sprinkles. I have Easy Caramel Rolls, Sweet Sprinkles Dip and Sweet Caramel Cashews. Any other recipes that use the Sweet Caramel Sprinkles?
    Dec 3, 2009
  2. Lisa/ChefBear

    Lisa/ChefBear Veteran Member Gold Member

    It's not a recipe, but a use........my kids will eat Oatmeal without complaint if we sprinkle this one before cooking.

    I've also added when making cookies and crisps.

  3. AZPampered Chef

    AZPampered Chef Member Silver Member

    I put it in with the apples when making apple pie and YUM!
  4. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    I put one tablespoon with 4 oz of fat-free cream cheese and mix well. I use graham crackers with it to spread them on. The two times I have used it at "tasting shows", people have loved it! I do all 3 sprinkles this way!
    Dec 3, 2009
  5. catlwilles

    catlwilles Member Gold Member

    It tastes great on popcorn or in hot chocolate! I've also used it on peach cobbler.
    Dec 4, 2009
  6. Kelly8

    Kelly8 Advanced Member

    I also add powdered sugar to the cream cheese!
    Dec 4, 2009
  7. lisasfuncooking

    lisasfuncooking Member

    I also use it on oatmeal, cream of wheat, ice-cream, hot-chocolate. apples.
    It always amazes me, to see what else my kids will find to use it. I have used it in my coffee. Even though it does not disolve, it tastes good. Actually, we use all of the 3 sweet sprinkes for all the above. I will use my apple/peeler/corer slicer for school snacks and sprinke the sweet cinnamon on it. My kids love it and their friends and always amazed how the got the apples to look like that. My kids have even used the caramel sprinke to top the apple tartlets with instead of the nuts.
  8. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    If you don't want chunks in your coffee, just add the Sprinkles to the grounds when you're making it. Delicious!

    I often sprinkle them on top of muffins, plain cookies, and cakes.
    Dec 4, 2009
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