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Bamboo cutting board


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Feb 20, 2006
I was asked this question by my first host and was hoping one of you can help me with the answer. She is thinking of buying it for her 1/2 price item.
"I have a question about the Bamboo carving board—does it slip on the counter? And when you cut something on it does it leave marks or stripes in the wood?"
Also, if she does buy it at 1/2 price does that count as total guest sales as far as my starter month total?


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Jan 21, 2005
It's a carving board and not a cutting board. It's meant to cut cooked meat. It will scratch the wood if you cut on it.


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Jun 24, 2005
1/2 price items

I'm sorry to say, the half price items that hostesses buy are not included in your commissionable sales.

Oct 9, 2005
I have had some trouble on 2 seperate occassions with hte carving board. Both warped and had to be replaced. 2 seperate people had this problem. So be ware to the customer....take care and DO NOT wash in dishwasher. :)


I am stunned that your board warped. Did you put in the the dishwasher?

As far as knife marks... it does get marked by carving knives, just as a wooden board does. You are not supposed to use serrated blades or the food chopper on it. Mine is marked up from carving roasts, but I have to say that the cutting board is absolutely gorgeous and so far has been incredibly sturdy. I store mine on top of the microwave and it lookes beautiful.

I have not found it slipping on the counter at all because it is quite heavy. But if they wanted to, they could use a little non slip pad like the one that comes with the polyethaline boards. (I bought a whole roll of the stuff in the kitchen section at Walmart...)