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Baked Potato Bar


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Apr 14, 2004
Advanced Director, Missy Kistemaker


12 LARGE BAKING POTATOES: At first, I was standing them up in the stone muffin pan & baking them at 400 when I got there. It wasn't long enough. Now, I ask them ahead of time if they have a piece (any) of PC stoneware, and ask them to get them started 1 hour before show time at 400. If they don't, I guess you could partially cook them in the micro when you arrive. (Bar board, any knife - to cut them open)
*Note: when the potatoes are done, I turn off the oven & leave them in there to stay warm until we are at the point of them coming up & eating).

1 PACKAGE BACON, THAWED: When I arrive, I lay out the bacon on the Bar Pan, and put it in the oven with the potatoes at 400. It takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on their oven. Be careful of baking with one stone underneath another; sometimes the bacon pan gets overheated & can burn. You may want to switch places ½ way through cooking time. (Use cooling rack here, as well). At potato bar, they can use Food Chopper/Cutting Board/Handy Scraper for bacon.

1 BUNCH GREEN ONIONS, CLEANED: Kitchen Shears work well for these - begin cutting at the green end! (or any knife, if they prefer).

1 CAN BLACK PITTED OLIVES, LEFT IN THE CAN: Use smooth-edge can opener to open in front of guests, drain in colander & bowl set. Egg Slicer plus to slice them.

1 CONTAINER SOUR CREAM: Before guests arrive, fill Easy Accent Decorator. (Use medium scoop to fill, show them).

1 STICK BUTTER OR MARGARINE: Fits perfectly in small boat of Simple Additions. Use any spreader - All Purpose, Small Spreader, etc.

1 BLOCK/BRICK CHEDDAR CHEESE: Keep in fridge - don't do anything with this until you are going through the products, so it stays hard enough to grate. I will usually toss it in the freezer right before I start my actual demo. Cheese Grater, Grate Container, Ultimate Slice & Grate - show all, let them use either one.

1 BUNCH FRESH BROCCOLI, CLEANED, STEMS REMOVED: Micro cookers: whatever fits into the small micro cooker, I use - add a little water & micro for 3 minutes to steam. Dump off water. I do this beforehand, then show them the micro cooker & dump it into a SA piece. (can chop with Food Chopper or use knives).

1 CAN PREPARED CHILI: Cookware!! (you must find a way to use cookware
always!) If you are not near the stove where guests can see/access, then get a portable electric single burner - it's worth it! Then you can use cookware anytime. Nylon tools, Can Opener, scrapers, spoon rest - all these products for one can of chili!


OK, so before the show, you are doing the following:

Set up SA pieces - I'll tell you how in a minute -
Put bacon in Bar Pan & stick in oven
Steam broccoli in Micro cooker/drain water
Put out green onions in SA boat
Put out stick of butter
Fill EAD with sour cream

When bacon is done, lay paper towels on SA Small Square and layer bacon/paper towel/bacon/paper towels to absorb grease. Remove paper towels, leaving bacon on Small Square.

Guest Arrive:

Do introductions, hand out order forms, do your "opening" thing. Explain that this is "hands-on", audience participation! Start at beginning of potato bar & go through EACH product, explaining what it is/features & benefits/audience testimonials, etc. (I just go in order of the potato bar, so I don't miss anything).

Pull potatoes out of oven, have them get started! I'll quickly put a catalog & drawing slip at their place, then I usually stick around the table/counter, in case they want/need help using the products, have questions, etc.

When they sit back down, answer questions, explain "round-up", go through drawing slip questions, do drawing. Done.

How I set up the Simple Additions Potato Bar:
*(Note - if you don't have all of these SA pieces, don't fret - use whatever you have & come up with your own configuration!) Starting at the left: Rectangular Platter from Hospitality Set (for potatoes) Bar Board & knife for cutting open potatoes Large Square Platter from Essentials Set holds the following: (all toppings are left "whole" so they can cut & chop, etc). Left side: 2 small squares (one above the other) - cheese & bacon Right side: 2 small bowls: olives, broccoli Right side, underneath small bowls: 2 small boats from Hosp. Set (stick of butter in one, green onions laid in another). Cutting Board with chopper, Handy Scraper, Knife Shears next to green onions Egg Slicer next to olives Ultimate Slice & Grate, Deluxe Cheese Grater next to cheese To right of Large Platter display: EAD, Salt & Pepper Mill