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Any Ideas on a Mother-Daughter Show?

Mar 28, 2005
I have a host that would like to do a mother-daughter show. Has anyone done anything like this before? Any ideas?
Apr 5, 2005
Create mother/daughter gift packs (I did one in May, had the whisk and mini-whisk, etc) that the children could use tools as the mother does, make a list of kid-friendly tools. I had a great time at mine!


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May 6, 2005
Are these younger kids or moms and daughters of all ages? For younger kids, it would be fun for them to decorate little cakes. I use the mini fluted pan for this, and make the cakes before hand, but if you don't have that, you could bake little cakes in the prep bowls if you have those. Then they could each decorate their own or something.

If it is a Cooking with Kids show, that opens up all kinds of possibilities of fun recipes to make. I've done a bunch of those.

Pampered Patty

Mother-daughter show

Here's some "off the top of my head" ideas. Have the moms and daughters be famous pairs (i.e. Carol Brady and Marsha), and have each "team" pick their favorite PC item to describe it the way their famous pair might do. Perhaps the host could be the judge of what pair most resembled their famous mom/daughter.

Maybe do a match the daughter to the mom puzzle. One column would be famous moms, the other column would be the daughter.

Or, perhaps have the moms take turns giving "cooking" advice to all the daughters. ??

Mom/daughter contest?

Hope you find something that works. I wish you well!

Mar 28, 2005
you guys are great!

What great ideas! Thanks!!

It's mothers and daughters of all ages but my host's daughter is 13, but I'm encouraging them to invite anyone who has a daughter so our turn out will be higher. You gave great ideas! Thanks a ton! I'm sure it'll be a blast!


Apr 5, 2005
Need good recipes for Cooking with Kids show.


I have a few ideas of what recipes I could use for a Cooking with Kids show, but would love to know what you have used that works the best.

Also, do you set an age limit such as, 5 and up? Since you've done a lot of shows I sure would like some additional ideas.

Thanks for the help! :)