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Another potential recruit...have some ?s


Jul 31, 2005

I'm thinking of signing up to be a consultant with PC and have some questions.

First of all, I really hate giving presentations, but I'm hoping this will help me become more comfortable speaking in front of groups. What kind of assistance can I expect from PC or my director with this? I think I read somewhere about scripts being available? I'm guessing at the beginning I could use some help with what to say. :)

Second, what are the recruiting bonuses? I read about the vacation incentives and the commissions, but what are the SS1, SS2, SS3 that I'm reading about? I think there is also a bonus when you sign up, but how do I know what that is? The Pampered Chef website doesn't go into much detail on these benefits and how this all works.

Third...the personal website...am I correct that it is ~$100/year for this and beginning September 1st you can receive orders that aren't necessarily tied to a show? I would think this would be a great tool and would repay itself quickly.

Also, what are the requirements to remain active? What happens if you become inactive? Do you have to buy the starter kit and start all over again, or is this required only if a certain amount of time has passed since you were active?

Anything else anyone can think of to tell me? Thanks!!



Jul 6, 2005

Hi !

The best thing about giving the presentation is that you make it what you want to be. Once you receive your kit get to know all your products by using them and it makes the presentaion that much easier. You will know the products and you will love them and it makes it that much easier to sell them.

SS1 stands for Super Starter Month one , SS2, SS3 , ect. It is the first three months of your buisness. Pampered Chef hascome up with a awesome program to get your buisness going for you ! each month when you hit a certain level of sales you receive a bonus variety of products to go along with the commision you earned. I believed they just changed all the packages so i wont go in to detail on what they consist of.

Yes when you join now after you qualify 4 shows or $1250.00 in sales ,a show is $150.00 in sales or more, you receive the brand new Roasting pan with rack free !! There is so much more i could tell you but i would take up 2 pages !! If you would like to talk more feel free to im me or Email me !


Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004
Dear Kristen:

Congratulations on taking the first steps in joining the Pampered Chef! I have been with PC 5 years and when I started, I was suffering from depression. What a blessing this business has been for me, because it forced me to get out with people and put the focus on THEM and not on me! You'll find that once you start looking at what you are offering others (our great products, host program and business opportunity), you'll find it so easy to speak about it!

Here are some answers to your questions:

Is your director also your recruiter? He/she will be responsible for your in person training via meetings, etc. Every director has his/her own style, but generally they should be available to answer those questions you can't find on your own in the Recipe for Success (which also contains some script ideas). You'll also receive a video with your starter kit to help you with your first shows. Audio CDs will be made available to you on our Paperwork/Supply order form to continue your own training. For the first few shows, it's a good idea to have some 3X5 cards available to keep you on track!

During your first 3 months of business you'll have an opportunity to earn a Super Starter Bonus pack based on your sales and recruiting efforts each month. You can find detailed information on the Super Starter Bonuses at my personal website. If you would like the link, feel free to contact me directly (it is against company policy to post those open forums, such as these). Currently, there is a signing bonus for consultants joining the company through August 31, which is an opportunity to earn our brand new Roasting Pan and Rack for free ($145 value!!). This is a great booking tool for the upcoming season!

The personal website for a full year runs $72 and yes, starting in September there will be 24/7 online ordering available for our customers...a great new upgrade!

During your Super Starter months, you cannot go inactive. After you complete your SS month, you need to submit $200 every other month to retain your active status. If you go inactive, you need to submit $200 in sales to reactive and only after 12 months have gone by would you need to re-purchase the kit. If an emergency comes up, you can ask for a waiver from Field Services to retain active status.

I'm sure you have lots of questions, so ask away! We are here to help in whatever way we can!

Best of luck,




Jun 6, 2005

I think Danielle and Mary got you covered on the questions. If you go inactive the kit is yours to keep and no paying back any difference. I had a girl who did go inactive in the ss period and she lost the opportunity to get the bonus for the super start period. She did reactive later with 200 in sales.

On the presentation, I tried the cards and it helped alittle. It gets easier as you do it. I just think of it as talking with friends and explaining what I am doing and how the product works. When I felt confortable I added in the booking and recruiting/opportunity specials information. Always stepping alittle more out of the comfort zone. I never liked public speaking so this was a challenge and a great growing experience. It's been wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing.

I feel my husband has a better relationship with our 4 daughters and I have the best of Both worlds. Keep on asking and email anyone of us. That's what we are here for and that is what your director is there for. Support, hand holding, etc. I've sat with my recruites and help them build a plan of attack to work there business and have developed a great relationship with them. They call and I answer and that's what it's all about. Good Luck it's a great opportunity and you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.