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A Cajun Party: Earn Points for Raffle Entries!

In summary, Sandy suggests a cajun theme for the party, but is stumped for what to do as the "points counter". Some ideas she provides are Margaritaville party where guests earn drink umbrellas for bringing a friend, booking a show, wearing a hawaiian shirt, answering some PC and margarita trivia, using a product during her demo, and bringing a friend. There is a recipe for a cajun skillet cornbread casserole in the All the best Cookbook, and using something like that would be a good option. The final suggestion is to let the good times roll with the laissez les bon temps rouler motto.
I have a customer sheduling a party for September. She looked over my theme ideas and picked a couple options out but asked me if I could do a Cajun Theme as a possibility. Before I commit to that, does anyone have any great ideas? Any good recipes? I am very new and don't want to take on something that might prove to be difficult in the end.

I usually try to have the guests "earn" things during the party for a chance to win raffle entries - one item = 1 ticket(example - Margaritaville party they earn drink umbrellas for bringing a friend, booking a show, wearing a hawaiian shirt, answering some PC and margarita trivia, using a product during my demo, etc. Or another example is for the Survivor theme everyone earns wooden beads to create their own "immunity necklace" - the person with the most beads wins immunity which is usually a 10% discount on their order). But the theme of cajun stumps me as to what I could use as the "points counter". Any suggestions on that?
Cajun CounterYou could use glass beads...a la Mardi Gras.

Just a thought, :)
There is a recipe in the All the best Cookbook for a cajun skillet cornbread casserole or something like that. I can't remember the actual name. You could use something like that and it shows off the cookware.
Cajun ThemeHere are a few cajun words, maybe you can come up with something to do with them. Also some different foods, if you need to know how to cooked them email me.

Hope this helps.

Lagniappe (lan-yap) This word is Cajun for "something extra," like the extra donut in a baker's dozen. An unexpected nice surprise. Bring a Friend - Or Book a show.

Laissez les bon temps rouler (lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay ) Let the good times roll! Name of The Show

Fais do do (fay-doe-doe) The name for a party where traditional Cajun dance is performed. This phrase literally means "to make sleep," although the parties are the liveliest of occasions with food, music, and dancing..

Jambalaya (jum-bo-lie-yah) Louisiana chefs "sweep up the kitchen" and toss just about everything into the pot. A rice dish with any combination of beef, pork, fowl, smoked sausage, ham, or seafood, as well as celery, green peppers and often tomatoes.

Maque Chou (mock-shoo) A dish made by scraping young corn off the cob and smothering the kernels in tomatoes, onion, and spices.

Pain Perdu (pan-pear-doo) Means "lost bread"; a breakfast treat made by soaking stale bread in an egg batter, then frying and topping with cane syrup or powdered sugar. ---- French Toast

Gumbo (gum-boe) A thick, robust roux-based soup sometimes thickened with okra or file'. There are thousands of variations, such as shrimp or seafood gumbo, chicken or duck gumbo, okra and file' gumbo.Sauce Piquante (saws-pee-kawnt) Means "spicy sauce"; is a spicy stew
1- Jamabalya would be a good recipe for cajun theme. If you can't find a jambalya recipe to do buy a box of Zatarain's, Tony's or Oak Grove jambalya mix and cook them in stoneware.
2- Warm a can of Blue Runner red beans in micro pot. Top the beans with a little southwest seasoning. Serve with rice cooked in micro rice cooker.
3- Tony's Chachere's makes a good line of cajun mixes. The dirty rice dinner mix is good.This can be good in microwave for 20-25 minutes or oven for same time.
4-Dessert find a bread pudding recipe. Or a strawberry shortcake is a dessert served in our area. Fudge, parlines, pecan pie etc.
5- Serve ice tea SWEET.
6- vegetalbes- yams or sweet potatoes, corn on cob boil with a little crab boil.

I hope this helps with food ideas.
Madri Gras-
"Throw me something mister" is what we have to yell to get a throw from floats.
Everything and anything is thrown from floats during parades.

In March for St. Particks day parades food is toss-potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and cabbage. If if have some plastic veggies or real you can toss as prizes and person with most earns 10% discount or vegetables.

Pick a long cajun word and have guest find other words within it.

You can draw or write the word CRAWFISH inside one of the catalogs. Then tell the guest the first one to find crawfish at the show wins a prize. You don't tell them its written in one the catalogs. See if anyone finds it and where the look for it.

If you have madri gras beads, they can earn beads instead of tickets.
My husband grew up in New Orleans. Two of my favorite foods when I think of the city are king cakes and benyays(sorry I don't know how to spell it) I know those aren't cajun per se but they are so delicious.
Someone just posted a file with theme ideas. It lists the theme, recipe, and which cookbook it's in. It was posted for a chocolate request but as I looked at it I saw 'Cajun'.

Hopefully something here or from the above posts interests/helps you


Cajun Stuffed Peppers L&S
Cajun Chicken Salad Casual
New Orleans Crab Spread ATB
Cajun Chili Cornbread Skillet FW 2000
Hot n Spicy Buffalo Wings More Stoneware Sensations
Jumpin Jambalaya More Stoneware Sensations

Related to A Cajun Party: Earn Points for Raffle Entries!

1. What is "A Cajun Party" and how does it work?

"A Cajun Party" is a fun and interactive way to earn points for raffle entries. As a Pampered Chef consultant, you can host a virtual or in-person party with a Cajun theme. You and your guests can earn points by participating in games and activities, and these points can then be used to enter into a raffle for prizes.

2. How do I earn points at "A Cajun Party"?

There are a variety of ways to earn points at "A Cajun Party." You can earn points by hosting the party, inviting guests, playing games, participating in activities, and placing orders. The more points you earn, the more raffle entries you will have.

3. What kind of prizes can I win at "A Cajun Party"?

The prizes for "A Cajun Party" can vary, but they are typically Pampered Chef products or gift certificates. The specific prizes will be determined by your consultant and may vary from party to party.

4. Can I participate in "A Cajun Party" if I am not a Pampered Chef consultant?

Unfortunately, "A Cajun Party" is only open to Pampered Chef consultants. However, if you are interested in hosting or attending a Pampered Chef party, you can reach out to a consultant in your area to learn more about their events and promotions.

5. How do I sign up for "A Cajun Party"?

If you are a Pampered Chef consultant, you can reach out to your upline or consultant to sign up for "A Cajun Party." If you are not yet a consultant, you can join Pampered Chef and start hosting your own parties to participate in "A Cajun Party" and other exciting events and promotions.

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