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Pampered Chef: 100 Uses for nylon scrapers

  1. I read a post in which they stated that they gave away nylon scrapers with a "100 uses for scraper" flyer. Can anyone direct me to that flyer? I'm new to PC and this site and look forward to getting to know everyone. :chef:
    Sep 3, 2009
  2. PamperedChefLayla

    PamperedChefLayla Member Gold Member

    check the files for either Nylon scraper or 100 uses
  3. pc_jessica

    pc_jessica Advanced Member

    i found one for 55 and 70 uses...they are very interesting...interesting enough i think i am going to give them to those that order them!!
    Sep 3, 2009
  4. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Legend Member Gold Member

    My thought on this, while they are a great product, I wouldn't waste too much time promoting or selling them as they aren't a big commission maker. Focus on larger items like the stoneware - hey, each piece comes with one for FREE!
    Sep 4, 2009
  5. pc_jessica

    pc_jessica Advanced Member

    oh i know i won't promote selling those little things...but i think it would be a cute idea just to hand out...i hand out recipes and use sheets to all my customers who order something...(that i have one for) so i thought this could just be added to my collection!
    Sep 4, 2009
  6. JennLizFran

    JennLizFran Member Gold Member

    Here's the 70 tips document I found in the files section on here. I use my scrapers for a lot, but I'd never think of some of these things! It might be cute to just put one or 2 tips on mailing labels and put one on the back of each scraper you give away. Then customers might be excited to see what tip they get next!
    Sep 4, 2009
  7. zmom58

    zmom58 Member

    Here is what I have, just "borrowed" from someone;)

    Attached Files:

    Sep 5, 2009
  8. Thanks for posting the list! I am using a scraper along with the list, as one of the items in a gift basket giveaway.
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