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  1. pampermejolene

    OT: Blackberry Curve vs. Curve II vs. Tour

    I have a BB curve, have had it for a year and a half and LOVE it. I've never had any problems with the ball at all.
  2. pampermejolene

    Wii Fit anyone?

    FYI for everyone, lots of Wii workout games on sale this week at Best Buy. and people are telling me you can take the ad into Walmart and they will match the price. I HIGHLY recommend Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (on sale this week for $14.99) if you like cardio boxing you will love this! I...
  3. pampermejolene

    Pampered Chef on PostSecret-maybe we shouldn't only give PC gifts!

    lol, I'm not sure how else to post this... Go here and look at card number 14 (count them, or you'll know it when you see it). Who knows, maybe someone will see it and think, I need to order something! hahah PostSecret
  4. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    list has been updated with what is still left. If you have sent me payment, your items were shipped today
  5. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    I have updated the list above. I marked SOLD next to items that are no longer available.
  6. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    Waiting for responses from some people to see if they are going to take the items. I will update the list once I start getting responses.
  7. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    I'm back home and I believe I've replied to everyone. If you didn't get a response, my apologies, please PM me and I will contact you
  8. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    I unexpectedly went out of town for a few days. Once I'm back I'll answer all inquiries. Sorry for the delay. Be back by the end of the week
  9. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    I updated the listing to include the shirt details :)
  10. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    Hey all, I've shut down my biz and have lots of supplies/training materials for sale. Shipping will be extra if you don't live in the area. I'm in 95661, if you're near by we can arrange a meeting spot. If you are only interested in certain items, message me with an offer (you will have to...
  11. pampermejolene

    Looking for a Wii for family......what's best and couple other ??

    I've been seeing them every other week in the Fry's ads with 2 bonus games. The games vary, but if you can get that deal, how can you go wrong?! It's still the $199 price and you end up getting 3 games to start yourself off (the Wii always comes with one game included)
  12. pampermejolene

    Wii Fit

    If you are really looking to lose weight I would NOT recommend the wii fit. I have it and initially loved it, but there are much better "games" out there if you are looking for a real workout. I would recommend AE sports active ( a second version is coming out in the next month or two) Wii...
  13. pampermejolene

    Do you twitter? Can it be worked into a PC biz?

    I feel the opposite. I'm on Twitter and have many news sites and other companies that I follow so that I can know what is going on with them and when they are having promo's etc. I love it. I haven't used it to promote myself at all so I can't tell you from experience on my end. But I know...
  14. pampermejolene

    Humor I've got a Star!!

    lol, I'm still waiting for that day!
  15. pampermejolene

    I need advice from laptop users

    That's pretty much it. You will find TONS of gadgets and accessories for laptops but they aren't really necessary. Is she going to be in a dorm? You may want to get her a "lap desk" or table that will reach over her bead if she isn't going to have a desk. I usually have my computer on my...